September 7, 2016

Student Indicted for Cocaine Possession Accepts Plea

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Lehman Schwab ’18 — who was indicted on multiple drug charges on March 25 for possession of cocaine — accepted a plea deal on Tuesday afternoon.

Schwab pleaded guilty to one count of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, according to The Ithaca Voice. He was originally charged with two counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

“I did possess a rock of cocaine weighing about 19 grams in my dorm room,” Schwab said in court, The Voice reported.

Schwab was released on his own recognizance in April and has since completed long-term inpatient treatment at a Florida treatment center. According to the plea deal, Schwab has been approved for judicial diversion, The Voice said. He will be on probation for approximately a year and he must complete felony drug treatment court.

Judge Joseph Cassidy said that upon successful completion of the program, factors such as criminal history and age of the defendant could be reevaluated to reduce the felony charge to a Class A misdemeanor, The Voice reported.

Police arrested Schwab on Dec. 4, 2015, after finding nearly 20 grams of cocaine in his suite in Hans Bethe House on West campus, The Sun previously reported. Officers also found small ziplock bags and a digital scale that they believe were used in drug sales.

The investigation was part of a joint drug investigation between Cornell police, Ithaca police and the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office. It is currently unclear whether Schwab is still a Cornell student or permitted on campus.

  • Uh what

    No mention of being the lawschool dean’s son?

  • Elle

    Sounds like he is getting quite a deal- no charge of intent to distribute? Hmm-the evidence reported by police does not suggest that the 19-gram Rock he confessed to having was simply for his personal use.. Clearly law enforcement worked hard to shut something down and the legal system is treating it like no big deal-.

  • Glen Matthews

    Would it have been the same plea deal if it was someone from downtown a person whoa local resident of TompkinCounty Ithaca to be precise wood I have gotten the same plea deal on top of having the felony expunged is there something wrong with that I believe that he’s no better than I am or anyone who has been charged with a drug charge in the Ithaca downtown area who don’t go to Cornell University how do you go from a possession charge in the third degree to a misdemeanor class A misdemeanor any year probation there’s something seriously wrong with that he pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree which constitutes a class B felony someone need to look into this he’s no better than no one else no other drug dealer would ever have gotten a charge reduce down to a class A misdemeanor if he was not a special treat it Criminal

  • Steven

    Hes allowed to go back to cornell too. What a joke. This is white privelage at its finest. The son of the school is dealing grams of cocaine, but is allowed back. What a sick world we live in. This boy doesnt deserve a second chance, his father and mother should lose their jobs.

    • Charles

      Maybe you should suck a dick