Cameron Pollack | Sun Photography Editor

October 6, 2016

Students Celebrate School Spirit Through Academics, Art

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Although a recent string of Cornell football victories have been a source of pride for students this season, many Cornellians celebrate their school spirit in a variety of ways on campus, even after the Homecoming excitement has died down.

For Leah Eshelman ’20, the natural beauty and the community make Cornell a special place.

“I like how it is surrounded by nature,” she said. “I like how you have that seclusion. You have a lot of green space on such a beautiful campus. I love the community, especially North Campus, which is so separated but brings us closer.”

Other students mentioned the academic rigor and prominence of their professors as a reason for their pride in Cornell.

“When I sit in the class, I feel this is cool,” said Kyla Chasalow ’20 of her International Relations class with Prof. Peter Katzenstein, government. “When I did the reading yesterday and it mentioned him, I felt so proud of saying that I know him in Cornell.”

Milo Dominguez ’20 said that he considers Cornell an “open” and diverse institution striving to uphold its motto of “any person any study.”

“I double major in theater and music, and here in Cornell it is equally valid with the other degree.” he said. “It is more open than some other colleges.”

Mina Huh ’20 agreed and added that she appreciates “the creative space that allows people who are not majoring in arts nor have good artistic skills to paint” in her living space in Risley.

Many alumni who attended the homecoming game spoke fondly of their memories at Cornell, stressing that they try to stay involved in the University and continue to display pride as Cornellians.

“A friend of mine said recently: ‘What is about Cornell?’ I never met a Cornell graduate who didn’t love the school. That is not true about the other schools,” said Philip Harvey ’55. He added that his class 1955 is the “super class” that broke records in its 2015 reunion with the highest number of attendees and highest donation amount.

“It shows that when it counts, Cornelians can come together and support one another to lead the school to victory,” Michael Fedyanin ’19 said.