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Ithaca was ranked 25th overall for 2016's Best Cities for Graduates.

November 27, 2016

Ithaca Ranked 25th Best City for New Graduates

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p class=”p1″>Ithaca was ranked fifth in the lifestyle category and 25th overall in ValuePenguin’s best cities for new graduates, published this month.

A personal finance research and analysis website, ValuePenguin ranked 382 metropolitan areas across 27 data points, drawing most of its data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The lifestyle ranking was based on the city’s amenities — including entertainment — further educational institutions and recreational establishments, in addition to the general demographics of the city. The ranking “prioritized choice, recreation and the proportion of single, well-educated graduates.”

The city also ranked 22nd in the jobs category, reflecting lower unemployment rates for the college educated population in relation to the general population, but 379th — the fourth lowest of all cities — in affordability.

ValuePenguin assessed affordability according to nine factors including “rent, levels of student debt, transit, food, utilities and property costs, as well as the poverty level for graduates.”