Courtesy of the University

February 12, 2017

Renovations for Eastern Half of Ag Quad Complete

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Phase One of the $7.8 million Ag Quad renovation project is largely complete, according to Davis Orinda, project manager for the Ag Quad Utility Upgrades and Landscape Revitalization.

Areas on the eastern side of the quad have new paths for Mann Library and Warren Hall, as well as two new blue light phones that have been activated and new light poles.

Orinda said that a lot of the landscape work on the eastern half of the quad is complete, adding that the underground utility upgrades work — steam pipes, telecom duct banks, and water pipes — have all been completed.

Phase two will involve completing the remaining concrete paths on the western end of the quad and new plazas at Roberts and Kennedy Halls, Orinda said, in addition to benches, lighting poles, new topsoil and plantings are also planned in the second phase.

After significant progress, construction has halted for the duration of winter.

“Low temperatures are not conducive to the types of construction activities involved in the project,” Orinda said.

Orinda said construction will resume around late March or early April depending on weather conditions.

Halted construction means the Ag Quad’s circular routes to different buildings will remain in pace for the time being. Although there is clear signage for navigating the buildings, the new concrete paths will provide more direct access.

Ag Quad construction is still on track for completion by the 2017–18 academic year.