March 3, 2017

SPOTLIGHT | Goalkeeper Rhys Moller ’19 Talks About His Unique Drive for Soccer and Music

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“I think the first moment that I really started to care about soccer was when Australia qualified for its first world cup in 32 years in 2006. Specifically when Tim Cahill scored the game winning goal and then the whole family just went crazy. It was big moment because I didn’t realize how much of an impact soccer could have on people”

As individuals with our very, own, unique backgrounds, each and every one of us, sees the world through a distinct lens. Our stories are read in different languages, but written through honest nuances. We think not in words but ways, shapes, and forms, leading us to inquire, question, and hypothesize with uncommon frameworks exclusive to our own conscience. In that, there is nothing more diverse than the human approach of attempting to discover one’s own purpose and acquire the motivation and drive to eventually arrive at that summit. Short term, long term, and in life, the process is a journey. In this week’s special edition of the Cornell Daily Sun, we go behind the scenes with one individual, to take a closer look at his perspective on purpose, processes, aspirations, and his unique drive that takes him there.

Filmed and Edited by Tony Li ’19