Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs / Sun City Editor

While at Hudson Street, IPD identified one of the people involved as being wanted on a bench warrant for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree.

November 19, 2017

Police Investigating Attempted Knife Robbery Near Cascadilla Creek

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Ithaca Police are looking for a suspect who a woman said pulled out a knife and demanded all of her money near the bottom of the Cascadilla Gorge Trail on Friday evening.

The woman said that at about 6:21 on Friday evening, a heavyset man turned around after walking by her and began to follow her. When the woman turned around, she told police, the man demanded all of her money.

At that point, police said, the victim ran into the road and attempted to stop a car, presumably for help. The man began to walk away, police said, while the car stopped, but returned after the car drove away.

The woman then screamed that she was calling 911, police said, and the man turned and walked north, away from the victim. The incident occurred in the area of Terrace Place and Linn Street, police said, which is adjacent to the base of the Cascadilla Gorge Trail.

“The suspect was not able to take any property from the victim,” said Ithaca Police Sgt. Derek Necheporek in a press release.

The victim described the suspect as a 6-foot tall, heavyset black man in his 20s or 30s wearing dark clothing with a hood, police said. There are no witnesses, Necheporek said, and police are investigating the incident.

Police asked anyone who may have information regarding the incident to call dispatch at 607-272-3245.