Allison Wild / Sun Staff Writer

Coal Yard Café

November 29, 2017

The Best Restaurants in Ithaca if You’re Gluten Free

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Coal Yard Café

With the option of gluten-free bread, Coal Yard really opens up its doors for its gluten-free customers. Offering everything from omelets with a side of GF toast to a wide selection of sandwiches on GF bread, Coal Yard is a welcome breath of fresh air to the gluten-free folks who are used to picking between a garden salad and a bunless burger. Moreover, the staff is very open and happy to accommodate their customers, so it’s very easy to leave Coal Yard feeling great.


Gluten-free pizza, pasta and far more. You name it, Ciao has probably got it; they have an array of options far broader than most. Not to mention their food is delicious, traditional Italian cuisine. This is the place to go for a gluten-free dinner.


By using primarily corn products, Viva has become a haven for GF customers. As they say on their menu, the only items there that aren’t gluten-free are “flour tortillas and beer.” While it may be sad that glutards can’t have a cold one here, they can have nearly everything else. From nachos, to enchiladas, to tacos, to tostadas, you basically can’t go wrong at Viva.

Waffle Frolic

Waffle Frolic is the stuff of gluten-free dreams. With a design-your-own menu style, there are nearly limitless opportunities. Start with their gluten-free, vegan waffle and then simply start heaping the toppings on. All of their toppings are gluten-free, with the exception of a handful of their ice cream flavors — and they even mark allergens on the menu!

Ithaca Bakery and CTB

Unfortunately, their gluten-free products are not all house-made like their other baked goods, but Ithaca Bakery and CTB are the places to go if you’re itching for a sandwich or bagel. You can get nearly all of their sandwiches, wraps, paninis and bagels totally GF. Plus, there are plenty of gluten-free baked goods, smoothies and specialty drinks if you’re not feeling one of the classic CTB specials.


This world-famous vegetarian mecca is underratedly for glutards as well. When you check out their menu, you will notice that they even mark their gluten-free options. One of the most exciting things about Moosewood is that, unlike most restaurants, all of their dressings are totally gluten-free. While many of their dishes are naturally gluten-free, they also have specific gluten-free foods, such as gluten-free pasta, available upon request.

Pizza Aroma

Your search ends here. There’s a pizza parlor that serves gluten-free pizza. You might not be able to grab a slice from CTP or a calzone from Calio’s, but you can get a whole gluten-free cheese pizza with up to four different toppings from Pizza Aroma.

Café Dewitt

Café Dewitt has a delicious assortment of naturally gluten-free options. Their omelets, served with a side of rosemary potatoes, are the ideal brunch. There are also so many different combinations on their menu that it’s virtually impossible to get bored there. Just make sure to stop at the ATM before dining because they are cash-only.