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Adam Conover, the comedian behind Adam Ruins Everything, is coming to Cornell on March 23.

March 16, 2018

Adam Conover, Comedian and Star of Adam Ruins Everything, To Speak At Cornell

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During his upcoming show at the Statler Auditorium, Adam Conover just might ruin Cornell.

Comedian Adam Conover, most widely known for his funny and informative truTV series Adam Ruins Everything that quashes common misunderstandings in the US and counters popular beliefs, is visiting Cornell on Friday, March 23.

The Cornell University Program Board strives to “bring relevant names to campus and Adam Conover has become really popular with his show Adam Ruins Everything,” said CUPB chair Daniela Manzano. “Despite this we were still able to get him at a great price and make tickets available for free, which is perfect for our last show of the semester.”

Manzano expressed that it’s exciting to have Conover, “a good lecturer and comedian”, give a talk as CUPB invites speakers as well as comedians on campus.

Responses to the upcoming performance have been “amazing,” and Manzano said they’re “anticipating a great turn-out.”

Caleb Chiam ’21, said he’s looking forward to Conover’s show. Having watched most of his videos, Chiam explained that he likes how Conover’s videos are “well-researched” and serves to “combat all the misinformation out there.”

A graduate of Bard College with a B.A. in philosophy, Conover also wrote and starred in many CollegeHumor videos and is a frequent performer of stand-up comedy in LA.

Conover started writing for College Humor in 2012 and was behind a 2014 youtube video exposing wedding rings as a “scam,” which raked up 11 million views. In 2015, TruTV enlisted Conover to make a full TV show dedicated to debunking other popular myths and misconceptions.

The truTV show dispels misconceptions on a broad range of issues, from immigration, to Paul Revere, to detox cleaners to testing on mice. All his videos are backed by scientific evidence, and truTV publishes the sources for each episode online.

Krzysztof Hochlewicz, ’21, said Conover is “doing a good service by making videos that are informative and entertaining.”

The show “gives me more examples to draw from when thinking about history, science, psychology, and economics,” Chiam said. “Totally going if I can find the time.”

Currently on its second season, Adam Ruins Everything will release new episodes on March 20th.