August 22, 2018

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | Be Independent: Join The Sun

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From the Editor:

Something crazy happened this past summer. Thousands and thousands of Cornellians — one-quarter of all undergraduates — got up and left Ithaca, likely for good. And yet, last Friday, thousands and thousands of new students rushed to fill those vacant spots, ensuring that, at least for one more year, Cornell will remain at full force.

Here at The Sun, we too said goodbye to a sterling senior class, of editors, writers, photographers, designers, business associates and more. But unlike our friends at the admissions office, however, we don’t have the benefit of being on the Common App.

That, dear reader, is where you come in — because I think it’s time you consider joining The Cornell Daily Sun team.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a student journalist. The advent of the information age and the ever-increasing powers of technology mean that even journalists with minimal experience but maximum gumption can dig deep into today’s most pressing issues. Our generation’s fluency in social media has unlocked a news source of immeasurable depth. And for so many different reasons — rising tuition and student debt, a revival of campus activism, the ineptitude of Betsy DeVos — higher education is an American topic du jour.

If those issues, or any of the hundreds of others floating around East Hill interest you, there’s a place for you at The Sun. If you believe that quality journalism and in-depth reporting is crucial to the wellbeing of a community, there’s a place for you at The Sun. If you relish in speaking truth to power, asking hard questions and pushing for hard answers, there’s a place for you at The Sun. (And please, if you know why Dean Dutta was fired, please contact City Editor Nick Bogel-Burroughs at [email protected].)

I hope that you’ll join us at one of our recruitment meetings this fall, on Sept. 5 at 6:15pm in Goldwin Smith Hall G64, and on Sept. 6 at 6:15pm in Goldwin Smith Hall G76, and that you’ll check out our team at We welcome students interested in journalism in all its forms, from writing to photography to design and beyond.

The Sun may be pushing 140 years of age, but we’re sure as hell not slowing down. It’s going to be an important, exciting year, and I hope you join us on the way.