August 26, 2018

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | In support of Tracy Mitrano for Congress

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To the Editor: 

Tracy Mitrano for Congress

“America can no longer afford to keep playing partisan politics. We need problem solvers not partisan hacks to ‘Break the Gridlock’ in Washington.”

This is one of Tom Reed’s favorite lines, as he points to his role on the so-called Problem Solvers Caucus, comprised of equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats. But for Tom Reed the caucus is a smokescreen. He says he is “standing for our values” but then he votes against them. Just look at how he voted for the tax scam that really only benefits the wealthiest 5%, supported various other measures that gut health care, and continued to support Big Oil when there is overwhelming evidence that fossil fuels are contributing to global warming and the increasing instability of the planet. Reed says that he is working hard as our representative but there is little evidence to support that claim.

Most of all, he’s a name-calling bully, just like his hero, Donald Trump.

Ithaca is the largest city in our 23rd Congressional District. The district’s second biggest employer — Cornell University — is also in Ithaca. Last year Ithaca was named the 14th best place to live in the entire United States — no other New York city came close. Our unemployment rate is consistently the lowest in the state and job numbers here continue to go up.

So, with all that going for us, why does Congressman Reed continue to put down Ithaca?

He claims to want to move away from partisan politics, but he dismisses everyone in Ithaca and anyone who moves to replace him as Extreme Ithaca Liberals. He claims to be working against the polarization of our country. But if he bad-mouths the biggest and most economically viable city in his district and fails to give credit for our achievements, what does that tell you about his real values and hopes for everyone in the 23rd?

The increase in jobs and population in Ithaca, and our enviable quality of life are a tribute to the Democratic principles that underlie life in this and many other corners of NY’s 23rd district. And they owe nothing to Congressman Reed.

Tom Reed’s public record, there for anyone to see, exposes him as a hypocrite – saying one thing and doing another. It’s time for a change: vote Tracy Mitrano November 6.

Bob Nicholas
Town of Ithaca