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In his senior year, Jake Hansen looks forward to "trying to put [new players] on the right path to being successful student athletes."

August 30, 2018

10 Questions: Men’s Tennis’ Jake Hansen

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After graduating three seniors, Cornell men’s tennis will turn to Jake Hansen, one of only two seniors on the team, to step up in a key leadership role. Hansen tied for the most singles victories for the Red last spring with 10 and was dominant in Ivy League play, winning five of his six singles matches.

The Sun’s Tim Morales sat down with Hansen to discuss tennis, senior year and Chuck Norris.

1.) What’s your favorite part about Cornell Tennis?

My favorite part would definitely have to be the team, the family environment and the desire of all the guys to work really hard.

2.) What are you most looking forward to in your senior season?

I’d have to say guiding the new guys not only on the court but also off the court — just trying to put them on the right path to being successful student athletes.

3.) What did the seniors from last year teach you that you’ll try to teach the younger players this year?

I think the seniors last year were really good about emphasizing balance in our lives and making sure we operated as a team. Tennis is obviously an individual sport, but playing in a team format here, they did a really good job of emphasizing the team aspect.

4.) What did you focus on over the summer?

I spent the summer working at a hedge fund in New York City. It was definitely very busy and a little difficult to get out and play tennis.

5.) Do you have any personal goals for this fall?

My personal goal would have to be getting back into prime shape. Well, actually even better shape than I was last season and then getting as much match experience as possible so that come this spring, we come out swinging.

6.) What do you see the team’s goals as being this fall?

As far as the fall everyone has their own individual goals because it’s the individual season. So it definitely varies, but I think everyone’s goal is to get into as good of shape as possible and compete come regionals.

7.) You have a favorite school/venue to play at other than Cornell?

Yeah honestly, there’s nowhere playing like Cornell.

8.) Who’s your favorite tennis player?

Going to go with John McEnroe.

9.) Best and worst parts of your game?

My best shot is my backhand and I’m absolutely horrendous at drop shots. My touch game is horrendous.

10.) If you play a match with one person in the entire world who would it be?

I think it’d have to be Chuck Norris. I could take him out in something and brag about it forever.