November 8, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Re: Letter to the editor: ‘Faculty and Staff in Solidarity with Transgender and GNC People’

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To the editor:

The faculty signatories among the Cornell Coalition for Inclusive Democracy manage to applaud themselves for their bold immigration stance in a wholly unrelated solidarity letter regarding transgender rights. It perfectly reflects the Left’s proclivity to link every progressive cause together under their loosely and poorly defined banner of “human rights.” These same faculty dedicated to inclusion and openness happily and willingly teach at an institution that the Sun recently informed us rejects close to 90 percent of the thousands of applicants seeking to arrive. This amounts to a veritable caravan of students stopped before even getting to the CU campus border! How would they feel about their classes, their campus offices or even their domiciles being open for anyone who wishes to occupy them consistent with their advocacy for unrestrained immigration in the nation writ large? Or why not remove tenure and open their departments to anyone wishing to offer instruction in their subjects providing the prospective professors are fleeing persecution? They make their living operating in one of the most closeted, cloistered and exclusive environments that exist in the world today and seek to assuage their guilt by affixing their names to pointless statements of solidarity.

Cameron Brace
Ithaca, NY