Alicia Wang / Graphics Editor

March 19, 2020

WEEK 2 RESULTS: Dining Hall March Madness Matchups

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In week two of the Dining Hall March Madness Matchups, eight of Cornell’s finest eateries battled for supremacy in the eyes of The Sun’s subjective staff writers and editors. Here were the matchups. 


Trillium’s impressive short order lunch options, like ramen and quesadillas, are contesting Terrace’s famous burrito bar and phở station for a position in the Final Four.

Risley may have defeated RPCC, but will gluten free, vegetarian and lactose intolerant friendly options be enough to take on Rose’s Sunday brunch specials?

Keeton’s famed southern fair comes head-to-head with Cook house’s Indian specialties.

Café Jennie shoots for victory by bolstering a large variety of macarons and specialty drinks, like turmeric tea — but will it be enough? Franny’s hot ramen and curry hopes to win over anyone waiting in the cold outside Sibley Hall.

The results?


Trillium scrapes ahead to week four, taking 57.1 percent of the votes.


Rose destroys Risley in a 71.4 percent landslide vote.



Beat even worse, Keeton gets smacked around by Cook, losing to a 85.7 percent consensus.



In the same feat of strength, Café Jennie crushes Franny’s.


Stay tuned as the Final Four go into another week of competition!