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The student was seen smoking in the Collegetown Greenstar, with her mouth agape at the newfound freedom quarantine brought.

April 20, 2020

In a Rare Sighting, Architecture Student Spotted at Collegetown Greenstar

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At approximately 2 a.m. on Monday, an architecture student was spotted at the Collegetown Greenstar — a sighting that left many Cornellians and Ithacans alike reeling.

“Her eyes were wide, her feet dragged — as if she hadn’t walked much in her life at all — she was wearing a shirt that said Dragon Day on it,” a Greenstar employee said. “I asked her if that was a band or something and she just started crying.”

Isa Lation ’21 said the student looked frightening.

“I thought she looked like a zombie,” Lation said. “I ran away from the Greenstar as soon as I saw her approaching me.”

Architecture students are rarely ever seen on campus. These students are often locked in Milstein Hall, buried under cardboard, foam and crushed dreams — it is often considered an event of cosmic luck to find one in Green Dragon.

With New York State under quarantine, however, Milstein has closed, and architecture students are now scattered across the globe. Accustomed to spending their lives in studio, architecture students did not have to adjust much to quarantine. For some, quarantine offered more freedom than the typical semester’s hours would have allowed.

At Greenstar, the architecture student, who decided to bravely venture out into the world, proceeded to explain the hours of work that had gone into Dragon Day, but the employee quickly fell asleep at the counter.

Matt Sibley ’20 said he saw the student smoking inside the grocery store, and found her presence unsettling.

“Yes, I was in Greenstar; first I spotted a pack of Marlboros in this girl’s pocket, and I thought, ‘Well why the hell would someone be smoking cigarettes during this pandemic?’” Sibley said. “Then I spotted the contents of her basket — it was filled with just coffee, bags and bags of it! And that’s when I knew … I saw my first Cornell architecture student — I blacked out.”

The student has since been seen wandering the streets of Collegetown, staring with her mouth agape at the sky, according to multiple eyewitness accounts.

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