October 14, 2020

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: RE: ‘Cornell Republicans Endorse Trump’

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To the Editor:

I am a Cornell Alumnus and a lifelong Republican; I held senior positions in the Nixon and Ford Administrations. I write to express my deep disappointment at the decision of the Cornell Republicans to endorse Donald Trump. Where there were reasons four years ago to doubt Trump’s suitability as a candidate, the grounds for those doubts have been vindicated many times over by Trump’s performance as President. He has repeatedly demonstrated that, in character and intellect, he is manifestly unfit for the position. Moreover, apart from personality, his policies are not those of a true Republican or a conservative.

As you will know, I am far from the only Republican or former Republican to recognize Trump as not only unfit but a threat to American democracy. Among many others, they include former officials such as Colin Powell, John Kasich and Michael Hayden, and seasoned political analysts including George Will, Bret Stephens, Bill Kristol, Jennifer Rubin and the creators of the Lincoln Project. Rank and file Republicans can be seen and heard on Republican Voters Against Trump. My own position is set forth in detail here.

I hope that there are Republicans on campus who will rise up to persuade the Cornell Republicans to reconsider its sadly mistaken action. If the Club cannot bring itself to endorse the Biden-Harris ticket, a simple abstention would preserve at least some honor.

Douglas M. Parker ’56, LL.B. ’58