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July 8, 2021

TEST SPINS | Revelación and Retirement in Review

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Selena Gomez has finally released a Spanish album. From her appearances on Barney to her makeup collection Rare Beauty, she already has quite the resume, but her new EP, Revelación, diversifies it even more. Three out of seven of the songs on the album, “De Una Vez”, “Baila Conmigo” and “Selfish Love,” were released as singles beforehand. They all debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard Latin Charts and the EP itself peaked at #2

Although she has never released an entire Spanish album before, these songs are not her first that were released in the language. She featured in the reggaeton song “Taki Taki” by DJ Snake in 2018, with whom she collaborates again on this album, along with Ozuna and Cardi B. She also has released Spanish versions of her songs “Who Says” and “A Year Without Rain” at the same time the original versions came out around ten years ago. Regardless, the release of this album shows a different side of Selena in more ways than one.

The album is full of empowerment and vivacity, which is a complete contrast to Selena’s other recent releases, which are softer and more emotional. She focuses on self-empowerment in “De Una Vez” and “Adios.” She explores her sexual desire in the other songs including “Buscando Amor” and “Vicio.” In the EP, Selena collaborates with various artists, including DJ Snake, Myke Towers and Rauw Alejandro.  

Myke Towers, who is almost always on the charts for his features with other Spanish artists such as Becky G, Bad Bunny, Ozuna and Anitta, is featured in the song “Dámelo To.” Just as in all his features, he brings a sense of exuberation to the song. The energy in his voice perfectly compliments the softness of Selena’s, forming a perfect pop balance in the song. 

Selena is Mexican and identifies as Latina, yet in spite of releasing this album, she is not fluent in Spanish. In “Baila Conmigo,” a conversation between her and a Latin lover, she recognizes this fact, singing, “no entiendo mucho” which means “I don’t understand much.” The song continues with her asking the lover to dance with her. The reggaeton-pop song centers on lust with a language barrier. The lover’s words are sung by Rauw Alejandro, who brings the song to life. His voice is even softer than Selena’s, and along with the vibrant beat in the background, the song truly makes you want to “bailar” (dance).

Her collaboration with DJ Snake, “Selfish Love,” is the only bilingual song on the album, which is probably why it is also the most popular on the album. Selena alternates her lines between both Spanish and English, speaking of a love that is full of passion and jealousy. The song is most reminiscent of Selena’s other typical pop songs, but the twist of bilingualism makes it even better.

As an entity, the EP is full of life and energy. Every song is catchy, upbeat and definitely dance-worthy. Selena has stepped out of her comfort zone and it has proved to be worthwhile. The latin EP shows her versatility, growth and confidence. Her voice is rich and melodious, which is quite a contrast from modern Latina singers, but perfect for her purpose. The only downside is that it is not a full-length album. Selena herself even has admitted that she believes that her voice is better suited for singing in Spanish than in English, and hopefully that means the production of more Spanish songs in the future.

Although, there is a chance that we may not get any more music from Selena ever again. Just before the release of Revelación, Selena mentioned the possibility of her retiring from music. She has been releasing music since her Disney days, with her very first album, Kiss & Tell, being released in 2009 by her band Selena & The Scene. 13 years and six albums later (excluding EPs), the thought of her retiring for some is unfathomable. She has become a staple in modern pop music and pop culture in general, and if she does retire, it will surely leave a hole in the charts. Revelación may be one of her last albums, so Selenators, appreciate it while you can.