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There will be major changes to the housing process, according to Housing and Residential Life. These changes will include more on-campus housing options and fall room selection for upperclassmen.

May 2, 2023

University Announces New Changes to Housing Selection Process

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Housing and Residential Life announced forthcoming changes to the on-campus housing selection process — including room selection for upperclassmen in the fall, more upperclassmen beds and an option to live in the same room for more than a year — in an email to students yesterday.

Previously, rising upperclassmen could participate in continued occupancy in the spring, allowing them to continue living in the same residence hall. Rising juniors and seniors also had the opportunity to participate in General Room Selection, though they selected rooms after the rising sophomores, providing fewer housing options.

To inform the new changes, HRL collected feedback from students through focus groups and surveys throughout the 2022-2023 academic year. According to HRL’s website, students expressed wishing to live on campus, though they said the on-campus housing selection process began too late and did not offer enough options.

“Upper-level students will now be able to make better-informed decisions, with all options available at the same time,” the HRL website stated. “In addition, with more students taking advantage of on-campus housing, we hope to alleviate some of the strain on the local housing market.”

Starting in the 2023-2024 academic year, the room selection process for rising juniors and seniors will begin in the fall, allowing students a first choice in selecting upperclassmen housing. According to the email, room selection will take place in September and October, though specific dates will be announced over the summer.

In addition, more beds will be available for upperclassmen in on-campus housing, including in Townhouse Apartments and West Campus residence halls. Rising upperclassmen will also have a choice of living in the all-female Balch Hall once renovations conclude in Fall 2024.

Finally, students continuing to live on campus in the fall may keep their same rooms, with the opportunity to invite preferred roommates into their living situations as well. However, residents of dorms intended for first- or second-year students will not be eligible for the Same Room process.

More information regarding the upcoming changes will be shared over the summer.