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October 2, 2023

Get in the Fall Spirit with a New Fiction Release

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October is going to be a big month for new fiction releases! There are many new books that will be a part of current series and others that will be the first of a new series. Two new books are slated to come out on October 3. The first is a romance called Wildfire by Hannah Grace. This will be the second book in the Maple Hill sports romance series; if it is anything like the first book, it will be the perfect comfort read for fall. Grace’s books are usually light-hearted and easy to read, with cute scenes of romance and not too much depth. 

The other book coming out on October 3 is Throne of the Fallen by Kerri Maniscalo. This novel will be a spin-off of another trilogy Kerri Maniscalo has written called Kingdom of the Wicked. Like Kingdom of the Wicked, Throne of the Fallen will follow one of the seven princes of hell. It is recommended to read the Kingdom of the Wicked trilogy first, as there are some spoilers in Throne of the Fallen. Reading the trilogy could also give insight into certain aspects of the magic system, but the new release can be read without reading the other trilogy first. This book will be best for fantasy readers who like morally gray characters and elements of magic that are pretty easy to understand. 

The literary excitement does not stop there! On October 10, the novel Sword Catcher by Cassandra Clare will be released. Cassandra Clare is known for her popular adult fantasy universe called The Shadowhunters Chronicles, which is composed of five different series and seventeen books. This book will be a good way for fantasy readers who want to get into her books to get an idea of her writing style before committing to a whole 17-book universe. It may be best for more experienced fantasy readers, as her world building does tend to get a bit complicated. 

Another anticipated release in October is Hopeless by Elsie Silver. This book will be the fifth in the Chestnut Springs series, which consists of stand-alone romances set in the small town of Chestnut Springs. I have read the other four books and highly recommend them for any lovers of romance or overall cozy, small town vibes. The male protagonist in Hopeless, Beau, also appears in the other books, so it will be very exciting to finally get his book. 

The final two books that I am most excited to read in October are both being released on October 24. King of Greed by Ana Huang will be the third of seven billionaire romance books in her Kings of Sin series. Although I have not read any books from this series, I have read her other series called Twisted. I hear the two series have very similar plot devices, characters and writing styles as they are both in the romance genre. While her books are not necessarily literary masterpieces, and the plots are very similar, they are entertaining and quick reads. King of Greed is another stand-alone romance, so while it is part of a series, and you may encounter other characters from different books, it can also be read independently. 

The final book is A Curse for True Love by Stephanie Garber. This is a highly anticipated release for me personally, as I have read all her other books and thoroughly enjoyed them. This will be the third book in the Once Upon a Broken Heart fantasy romance trilogy. Garber has also written the Caraval trilogy, which is another fantasy series set in the same world. Both series are perfect for new fantasy readers who are looking for fantastical elements that are easy to grasp and strong characters. As the weather changes, pick up one of these new releases to get in the fall spirit!

Emma Robinson is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. She can be reached at [email protected].