Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer

6:30 p.m., | As the sun begins to set, the encampment stands, although the number of protestors has dwindled to around 100 and is much quieter than a few hours before.

April 25, 2024

IN PHOTOS | CML Encampment, April 25, 2024

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10 a.m., April 25 | “First Look”

The encampment site is set up on the Arts Quad at dawn on April 25. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

10:41 a.m., April 25 | “Administration Arrives”

Vice President of Student and Campus Life Ryan Lombardi and Dean of Students Marla Love arrive on the Arts Quad and express disapproval over the nature of the encampment. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

11:41 a.m., April 25 | “Onlookers”

Cornell University Police Officers watch nearby as protestors call for a rally in support of their demands. (Jason Wu/Sun Senior Photographer)

12:02 p.m, April 25 | “Liberation is a Mindset”

Speakers, including Prof. Russell Rickford, history, engage the crowd in a rally during which they explained the protesters’ demands. (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor)

12:21 p.m., April 25 | “The People’s Microphone”

Christopher Cowen, executive vice president and chief financial officer, tells organizers that the tents violate the University’s policies. Because Cowen declines to use a megaphone, the organizers repeat Cowen’s words to the crowd. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

12:30 p.m., April 25 | “At a Distance”

As the crowd around the encampment grows, some students express their disagreement with the protest. (Jason Wu/Sun Senior Photographer)

1:07 p.m., April 25 | “The Liberated Zone”

Administrators move conversations into a private space in McGraw Hall, despite demonstrators requesting public negotiations. Demonstrators call the encampment space a “liberated zone.” (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor) 

2:25 p.m., April 25 | “Demand #1”

Participants of the encampment hold signs that state their eight demands. Among them include restitution for Indigenous communities, transparency in current finances and divestment from “morally reprehensible activities.” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

3:03 p.m., April 25 | “Agree to Disagree”

Organizers explain their demands and views to students arguing about the value of the encampment. (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor)

3:20 p.m., April 25 | “Dancing for Justice”

Students join arms and dance among spectators on the arts quad. (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor)

3:27 p.m., April 25 | “A Space to Chat”

Protestors discuss the purpose and nature of the encampment, just outside the fence. (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor)

3:51 p.m., April 25 | “The People’s University”

The encampment continues with no signs of stopping. 

“We invite anyone to join us. We invite people who support us, we invite people that don’t support us, with the hope that they are peaceful,” says one protester. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

6:28 p.m., April 25 | “Cowen and Honan”

Cowen, along with Associate Vice President of Public Safety David Honan, meet with the students. Cowen continuously states that while he may have his own personal opinion, he still has to remain “agnostic” as a University representative. 

Cowen confirms that students could face the possibility of suspension or arrest if the encampment stays past 8 p.m. (Nina Davis/Sun Photography Editor)

6:30 p.m., April 25 | “Palestine”

As the sun begins to set, the encampment stands, although the number of protestors has dwindled to around 100 and is much quieter than a few hours before. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

7:00 p.m., April 25 | “S.A. Stands Behind You”

Karys Everett ’25, LGBTQIA+ students liaison at-large of the Student Assembly, returns from an S.A. meeting and announces that the Assembly had just unanimously voted in favor of a resolution supporting student’s right to peaceful protest. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

7:30 p.m., April 25 | “Jail Support Network”

Protestors write the number to a “jail support network” that detained protesters can call. Protesters realize and accept the possibility of arrest and prepare for the worst. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

7:55 p.m., April 25 | “Like a Tree Planted by the Waters”

In preparation for the arrival of CUPD, the crowd has re-inflated to 300, with some choosing to remain in the encampment — and face possible arrest — and others linking arms around the encampment. The crowd sings songs, such as “I Shall Not Be Moved.” (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)

8:30 p.m., April 25 | “Till Tomorrow”

At this point, no disciplinary measures have been made against protestors and no officers arrived at 8 p.m. The leaders again meet with Cowen and Honan who remain firm that the protest violated University policy, and that protestors in the encampment could face suspension or arrest. (Ming DeMers/Sun Senior Photographer)