Cynthia Tseng/Sun Assistant Photography Editor

In its final meetings, the Student Assembly inaugurated elected representatives and internally selected members to fill various vice president positions.

May 7, 2024

Student Assembly Elects Four New V.P.s

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The Student Assembly internally selected vice presidents for the upcoming term at its final meetings of the 2023-2024 year on Thursday and Monday. 

David Suarez ’27, two-time College of Arts and Sciences representative, was elected as V.P. of Internal Operations. Representative at-large Simone Chan ’25 was selected for V.P. of External Affairs. Niles Hite ’26, two-time College of Agriculture and Life Sciences representative, will serve as V.P. of Finance. And lastly, Christian Flournoy ’27, representative at-large, will be V.P. of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In these new roles, Suarez, Chan, Hite and Flournoy will contribute to the S.A. executive cabinet alongside President Zora deRham ’27, Executive Vice President Adam Vinson ’25 and the heads of the 13 S.A. committees.

Due to a complication with reserving the Willard Straight Hall Memorial Room, only Suarez was elected this past Thursday. The remaining three vice presidential positions were voted on during a rescheduled meeting on Monday.

According to a source who requested anonymity on account of the closed-door nature of the V.P. elections, one unnamed S.A. member inquired about the protocol for removing a fellow member during the Thursday session. This question follows recent harassment allegations brought against current undesignated representative Getulio Gonzalez-Mulattieri ’25 — the presidential candidate runner-up.

Though the S.A. member did not name Gonzalez-Mulattieri, the anonymous source believes the question was in reference to him. 

When asked about the removal of representatives, deRham explained that representatives cannot be unseated prior to the start of their terms — which begin June 1 and last through Spring 2025.