Answering Questions that Cornell Won’t: Take the Survey

Greetings Cornell University Class of 2021!

Your test scores are clocktower high. You have remarkably diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Some of your parents went to Cornell. Some of your parents never went to college. Some of you have never been to the United States; others have lived in Cornell’s proverbial backyard your whole lives.

This is the information that Cornell has already told us about you. It’s interesting and useful, but we know there is more to your story than that.

We at The Cornell Daily Sun, an independent daily newspaper run by Cornell students, want to know more. Inspired by similar projects at Harvard and Yale, we’re asking you, members of the Class of 2021, to take our five-minute survey so we can all learn more about you. We’re asking the kinds of questions that Cornell doesn’t: virgin status, alcohol use, drug use, political orientation, cheating (both kinds), religiosity, and more. Your answers are fully anonymous and we are not collecting any personal information. You don’t have to answer any questions you’re not comfortable answering.

We will publish aggregated results of this survey when the Class of 2021 arrives on campus.

Beyond the high test scores and admirable accolades, what does the Class of 2021 bring to Cornell? Let’s find out.

Take the survey!

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