JAIN | Drake, the Culture Vulture?

No one in music has had a bigger year so far than Canadian rapper Drake. With two number-one albums this year alone and a third expected to drop in the coming months, Drake may very well be having one of the most successful years in music history. However, with success comes criticism, which Drake is all too familiar with. Houston rapper Sauce Walka is one of the many rappers to be critical of Drake. Among other things, Sauce Walka claims that Drake appropriates different cultures’ music to benefit himself, and gives very little back to those individual musical cultures.

JAIN | Did I Pick The Right Major?

A recurring joke my friends and I make is chanting “STEM” at random times. An acronym standing for science, technology, engineering and math, STEM represents the career fields many Cornell students will likely pursue after graduation. I will not be one of those students, and I’m honestly not too sure how I feel about it. Currently I am double majoring in art history and performing and media arts, two subjects most Cornelians would probably call hobbies before they would call them majors. My life wasn’t always so devoid of STEM though.

JAIN | I Don’t Think I Can Watch Football Anymore

As a Texas-raised kid, football has always held a certain importance in my life. In high school, Fridays were devoted to high school football games, Saturdays were for college football games and Sundays we watched NFL games. It was an aspect of every Texan’s social life in some sense. While I lost touch with football after coming to  Cornell, I still made an effort to watch any NFL game I could with my friends. This past Sunday started out as any Sunday normally would.