A student donates clothing at a collection box for the Arab Student Association’s winter clothing drive. (Dana Daniels / Sun Staff Photographer)

Arab Student Association at Cornell Hosts Winter Clothing Drive

In the hopes of providing aid to Syrian refugees located across the world, the Arab Student Association is hosting a winter clothing drive. Leaders of the student organization, which states that its mission is to create a forum for people interested in Arab language, culture and politics, said they hope to raise awareness about the crisis in Syria and to foster Arab solidarity. “My hope is that this clothing drive will not only provide a direct way to help the refugees, but also to raise awareness about the magnitude of the Syrian crisis,” said Ama Frederickson ’17, secretary of the Arab Student Association. At the moment, five clothing collection boxes exist across campus in locations including Willard Straight Hall, Hans Bethe House and Anabel Taylor Hall. Plans are underway to expand to North Campus, with donation sites recently setup at Balch Hall and Robert Purcell Community Center.


Facebook Page Platform for Discussion of Economic Class

“I was at a party where they were serving champagne, and I realized that one of the many bottles emptied costs more than what my father earns in two weeks,” reads a post on the Cornell University Class Confessions Facebook page. “Needless to say, I was uncomfortable drinking it.”
The Cornell University Class Confessions Facebook page posts anonymous, student-submitted confessions related to socioeconomic status and first generation issues. Launched nearly four months ago, it now boasts almost 1,000 likes and over 100 posts. The page, which is entirely student-run, is an initiative launched by students who took Education 2610: The Intergroup Dialogue Project. Aaron Ong ’16, who founded the page, sorts through the confessions submitted and determines which ones will be posted.