Ithaca Planning Board Tables Proposal For New Bar Due to Noise Concerns

Longtime Ithaca residents voiced their concerns at a Tuesday City of Ithaca Planning and Development Board meeting over the proposed construction of a new bar and lounge, The Printing Press Lounge, within an existing building on a property just east of the Argos Inn at 416 E. State St. At the meeting, the planning board decided that the new bar’s project managers would have to return with further research and plans before final approval of the project.    
Several neighbors expressed concerns about the potential increased traffic, disruptive late night noise of congregating bar patrons and a lack of parking which could result in non resident cars lining the streets at the meeting. Catherine Akenbomb, whose home is adjacent to the Argos Inn and only 11 feet from from the building, said that even if the sound in the building was kept at a minimum, she was concerned people spilling out of the building could contribute to noise. She added that she was also worried about the atmosphere of any future bars that could one day replace The Printing Press.

Student Raises $20K Toward Tuition Costs Through Crowdfunding

When Jonah Okike-Hephzibah ’16 launched a crowdfunding campaign Tuesday on the GoFundMe website seeking donations to help cover $14,000 in tuition fees just two days before his money was due, he did not expect many people to respond. Two days later, he raised over $20,000. Okike-Hephzibah, who received a Jack Kente Cooke Scholarship worth $40,000, said he had not realized that the scholarship was distributed in two parts — $20,000 for the first semester and $20,000 for the second semester. He had planned to use it to pay for his entire first semester, and save up for second semester. Two days before his bursar deadline, he realized that his bifurcated scholarship left him with $14,000 in remaining balance — money he did not have.