The Cornell Daily Sun Business Department is comprised of three smaller, individual departments: Advertising, Human Resources, and Marketing.

Our department mission is to collectively support The Sun in all business efforts. Mainly, we strive to increase the monetary success of the newspaper, supporting the Editorial staff in their advertising, marketing, and recruitment needs. We aim to make the Sun a profitable, successful independent business that is sustainable for years to come.

Join the teamIn spring 2017, we are recruiting dedicated and talented new associates to join our exclusive team and share our passion for business. Learn more about our application here.

More information about the business department can be found in our Employee Handbook.

Meet Our Managers:

Dahlia Wilson

Dahlia Wilson ’19, Business Manager

Dustin Liu ’19, Human Resources Manager

Lydia Kim ’18, Advertising Manager

Kathleen Joo ’19, Marketing Manager

Lauren Fallon ’19, Assistant Human Resources Manager

John Miller

John Miller ’20, Assistant Advertising Manager













Contact Us:

Business Manager, Dahlia Wilson: [email protected]

Human Resources Manager, Dustin Liu: human [email protected]

Advertising Manager, Lydia Kim: [email protected]

Marketing Manager, Kathleen Joo: [email protected]

Assistant Human Resources Manager, Lauren Fallon: [email protected]

Assistant Advertising Manager, John Miller: [email protected]