Any Body, Any Study?: Accessibility Challenges at Cornell

Conan Gillis ’21 is one of many math majors in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is also one of many residents in the Flora Rose House on West Campus. What distinguishes him from most of his peers, however, is that he is one of fewer than 20 Cornell students who require a wheelchair for their daily life.

Student Advocates Call for Disability Resource Center

“Differences, specifically impairments, only become disabilities when faced with a society [not] appropriately configured to their specific situations,” Gillis said, noting that Cornell’s natural and built environment can often pose unique challenges to those who are physically impaired.

GUEST ROOM | The Price of an Anti-Competitive Burrito

Chipotle is in the food services business; they operate in the competitive for-profit world. Stroll past their storefront on your next drive down South Meadow Street and competitive dynamics affecting their enterprise become clear: Moe’s Southwest Grill, Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Panera Bread, Taco Bell and many others all within a minute’s drive. Priced too high, Chipotle customers may opt to dine at a more affordable, but arguably inferior alternative. If the queue becomes too long, others may turn away. Chipotle has incentives to price fairly, offer distinctively tastier food than competition (hence the fresh, non-GMO, farm-sourced ingredients), and train employees to pack and fold burritos in assembly line manner.