DO | The Unspoken Truth of Attractiveness

There are times when I just want an honest assessment of how attractive I am. Beauty may be subjective, but it’s clear that our subjective opinions on it tend to follow the same basic principles. After all, generational sex symbols very much exist and their widespread appeal suggests that our tastes are not as unique to us as we might think. The mass availability of information in the modern world shrouds our understanding of beauty in even more confusion. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know what the upper echelon of beauty looked like, but spending any amount of time on social media makes that impossible.

DO | Beauty is in the Eye of Darwin

Handsome individuals, of all varieties, seem to flaunt their favorable genetics for the world to see. Even accounting for the whole mask thing, the frequency with which I find myself admiring an attractive Cornellian has me all the more certain that I’m going to die alone. I’m 80% joking about that last part.