YANG | Rosary and Justice: My Experience During a Bizarre LSAT Emergency

I brought my rosary to this weekend’s LSAT exam. Instead of having it in my little plastic bag, out of fear that it might not be let in, I wore it on my neck, clear for anyone to see. I must confess that sometimes I am greatly ashamed of my occasional devoutness, for it often appears only in times of hardship when I need petitioning to God. Hate to say it, a part in me almost treated my rosary as an amulet, a divine lucky charm of sorts. I had a few very bad practice tests the day before my exam, so my expectations going in were low.

LEE | The Need for Fundamental Reform in the Catholic Church

Anger, sorrow, disbelief — these were just some of the emotions I felt upon receiving news that our university’s Catholic chaplain Father Carsten Martensen received allegations for sexual abuse of a minor in the 1970s. To any other individual, this may have been just one of the many recent attestations of the Roman Catholic clergy’s sexual abuse cases. Yet, I had never personally experienced, nor did I ever expect, such allegations arising from within my very own community. The news came as an utter shock and disturbance — to think that the chaplain who had provided significant guidance and wisdom throughout my time here at Cornell may have possibly exploited a child and kept silent for all these years. Catholicism has been an important part of my life, especially at Cornell.