GUEST ROOM | Cornell Should Empower International Economics Students

International students are integral to Cornell’s campus, mission and values. There is no denying the value and diversity that their presence brings to this campus. Yet international students face many unique barriers at Cornell and are often treated as second-class students. They are the only group subjected to need-aware admissions following the administration’s decision to terminate need-blind policy a couple of years ago. They are the only constituency ineligible to re-apply for financial aid under any circumstances.

SCHULMAN | Saving Lives — No Chemistry Required

Do you feel like you have a disproportionate number of friends aspiring to be doctors? I do and hanging out with them is a struggle because I am really jealous. Doctors are paid well and get to save lives. Obviously not all doctors — but generally, being a doctor is about healing people and doctors are generally in demand. Not to say I wish I were a doctor.