RUBASHKIN | And the White House Goes to…

We’re almost there, people. After 589 days, 24 debates, 22 candidates and enough talk about Donald Trump’s anatomical proportions to fuel my nightmares for a decade, we’re seven days away from making the most consequential election of our lifetimes. I’d like to sleep easy knowing that we’ll make the right decision, but I watch enough Fox News to know that these days, you can’t take anyone for granted. This is important stuff, America, so close out that Netflix tab you’ve got open and meet me over in paragraph three. Hey guys, glad you could make it on such short notice.

The Cornell Daily Sun Election Watch Oct. 26

In latest election news, students reacted with disapproval to Trump’s indecision about accepting the election results if Clinton wins. Students Against Trump also formed a chapter on campus and The Sun’s latest poll indicates that over 70 percent of surveyed students will vote for Clinton in the general election. Tune in to this week’s Election Watch produced by Anna Kook and edited by Justin Park.

The Cornell Daily Sun Election Watch Sept 26

Hillary Clinton is leading in national polls, but Trump is closing the gap; The Daily Sun’s own polls indicate that a majority of students will be voting for Clinton. On the day of the first presidential debate, watch this week’s Election Watch produced by Anna Kook and edited by Justin Park.

GLANZEL | We Are Losing Our Civility

This campaign has showed the ugly side of American politics. The nation has witnessed one of the most uncivil, destructive and poisonous elections in the history of our republic. On both sides of the aisle, politicos have utilized some of the most vitriolic tools in their rhetorical arsenal — and virtually no one is without blame. The beating heart of the destructiveness of this campaign lies with the candidates. Trump’s vitriol is obvious — from making fun of a disabled reporter, to making disgusting remarks on Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle, to attacking a Latino judge, to suggesting that Hillary Clinton should be assassinated, Trump’s comments have fueled an angry revolt within the Republican Party.

DAVIES | The Morning After

Even if Hillary Clinton wins a crushing victory in November, she will enter office as one of the most disliked presidents in history. She is seen as untrustworthy and untruthful, treating the law with haughty disdain. Many on the right, encouraged by today’s political echo chamber, believe her to be a criminal deserving of the sharp end of a firing squad. Calls for politicians to face execution used to be a mark of the insane. Now one hears them routinely.