C.U. Data Allowance Rises to 150GB Per User

Users of Cornell’s wi-fi network now have an extra 50 gigabytes per month after Cornell Information Technology Services increased its free monthly data allocation to 150 GB per user this semester. Students who use the network will incur charges only after exceeding this initial 150 GB, and can monitor their monthly usage through Cornell’s Network Usage-Based Billing. The University aims to have 90 to 95 percent of the users of the network covered by the allocation, according to Beth Lyons, associate chief information officer of Cornell I.T. Services. After seeing that the percentage of users covered start to dip below 90 percent, she said Cornell I.T. made the decision to increase the data allocation. “Most of the usage comes from students, so our goal there is to balance what their allocation is against what the network can support,” Lyons said.