BERNSTEIN | Ode to The Mets

Ya gotta believe, I said to myself as I jumped in my car on Sunday morning, making the spontaneous decision to drive four and a half hours from Ithaca to Queens for Game Three of the National League Wild Card series between the New York Mets and the San Diego Padres. It repeated in my head like a broken record: Ya gotta believe. Ya gotta believe. Ya gotta believe.

BERKOWITZ | An Amazin’ Mistake

Jason Bay, Luis Castillo, Scott Kazmir, Carlos Beltran — these are just a handful of names associated with agony in recent Mets history. In several weeks, we may have a new name to add to the mix, Mike Piazza. On April 30, the actual jersey Piazza wore in the first post-9/11 game, when he hit the infamous go-ahead home run and gave all Americans something to cheer about, is to be publicly auctioned off to the highest bidder. How did this happen? As a Mets fan who has in recent memory witnessed, among other embarrassments, two regular season collapses and an entire SportsCenter “Not-Top-Ten” segment devoted to Mets plays in 2009, we have come to intuitively believe that anything is possible.