Wordle and the Power of Cultural Phenomena

Nobody can really say how ubiquitous trends like Wordle happen or where they’re going, but we hang on in order to stay connected to those around us. We form obsessions, make questionable purchases, create memes, try to capitalize on a passing craze. 

Food Trends Taking over TikTok

TikTok is taking over the food world. TikTok everywhere have come up with many creative ways to spice up the mundane quarantine life, and among them, viral food videos top the list. The best thing about many of TikTok’s emerging food trends is that most of them only require a handful of ingredients you’re likely to have at home. Below are a few popular trends that you should definitely check out. 1.

MORADI | Hydro Flask and the Price of Fitting In

Last week, I slammed my Costco-bought “Thermoflask” into a trash can in Anabel Taylor Hall, gave it the finger, then angrily strode out of the building. It was right after Friday prayers. Call it a spiritual awakening. My $10 cerulean Thermoflask from Costco was a point of pride for a while before it started leaking all over my readings.  I’d spent the first month or so of school flexing that I’d essentially gotten the same product for a fraction of what people were paying for trendy Hydro Flasks, joking that the only downside was that my Costco water bottle might give me BPA poisoning.