Clothing brand Supreme’s second full length video picks up where its predecessor cherry left off, capturing its star-studded roster at the height of the brand’s powers. Director Bill Strobeck turns his vision up a notch. He captures some of the most unique personalities in skateboarding while also taking viewers on an emotional rollercoaster before ultimately leading to Tyshawn Jones’s Skater of the Year sequence to cap off one of 2018’s best videos. BLESSED begins with a declaration of intent, beginning right where Strobeck left off with Supreme, opening with Na-kel Smith nollie hardflipping the same three block he infamously slammed in 2016’s short video, Pussy Gangster. The skating gets no less astronomical as the video progresses, from Ben Kadow taking some of the heaviest slams imaginable to Vincent Touzery and Kevin Rodrigues creating some of the most inventive combinations possible.

BERKOWITZ | Video and the Future of The Cornell Sun

If “the pen is mightier than the sword,” and “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then what does that mean for video? The presence of videos in our lives, particularly in mobile and digital form has grown significantly lately. Whether we’re watching ‘Snaps,’ or YouTube, our generation is increasingly enamored with a video-first mindset when it comes to absorbing new content on all platforms.  What does this mean for The Cornell Daily Sun — why should it have any bearing on us? Given the shifting landscape of content consumption towards video, it’s important to seriously consider delving deeper into video content in order to reinforce our reputation as the premier collegiate newspaper in the country. It’s ironic isn’t it?