January 28, 2014

Bird Watch: Five Types of Birds to Look for in Ithaca this Winter

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Prof Kevin McGowan, Ornithology, loves his job. He teaches multiple distance-learning courses in bird behavior and ornithology and studies local populations of American Crows. He also knows exactly which bird species you should keep an eye out for as you brave the cold temperatures on your walk to class this winter.

Courtesy of Prof. Kevin McGowanHappy Hedwig | The Ithaca area is seeing an unusually high number of Snowy Owls this year, according to McGowan. The pictured bird has taken up residence in the nearby town of Genoa.

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    Did you know the Editor in Chief of the Sun is the longest running legacy tap in Quill and Dagger? God forbid people are in secret societies!?!

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    Someone should have done some checking to discover that Jessica Bibliowicz is the daughter of fellow KBP member and leading Cornellian Sanford Weill.

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      Unfortunately, the Sun will never be more than a third-rate embarrassment to a second-rate university.

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    Cornell’s association goes back much farther!
    The Cornell Daily Sun reported that the following 15 Cornellians were inducted into KBP from the Class of 1908. What titans of industry did they become?

    Charles Leininger Bradley, Victor Doraval Herriman, Roger Tifft Holloway, Matthew Derbyshire Mann, Jr., Harold Spaulding Pierce, Kenneth Lewis Roberts, Carl Jacob
    Schmidlapp, Seth Whitney Shoemaker, Edwin Arthur Stillman, Frederick
    Barrett Townsend, Edson Jay Tucker, Robert Patterson Turner, Stephen
    Lott Vanderveer, Ward Emerson White and Van Loan Whitehead, Jr.