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Big Red Hacking For a 5th Year and Beyond!

Sixty-seven teams representing Cornell and other universities such as Princeton and Binghamton came together to brainstorm and develop projects ranging from website applications to hardware prototypes that centered around this year’s theme of “Community Superheros.”


Cornell’s Social Media Lab Develops Social Media Education Program for Adolescents

The program consists of several modules, each of which covers a specific issue in social media. Some of them, such as “How to Be an Upstander,” which deals with cyberbullying, aim to teach students certain actions that they could take to play positive roles online. Other modules, such as “Is It Private Information?” teach students how to protect their personal information.

From exoplanets to extraterrestrial life, Cornell’s new astrobiology minor will bring together students interested in the intersection of both astronomy and biology.

Cornell the First Among Ivy League to Offer Minor in Astrobiology

From exploring planets beyond our solar system to researching exterrestrial life, Cornell’s new undergraduate minor in astrobiology, to be debuted next semester, will allow students interested in both astronomy and biology to study the “origins of life and life existing beyond the Earth,” according to Prof. Nikole Lewis, astronomy.

The 35th Cornell Fashion Collective Runway Highlight

Attracting more than 3000 audiences each year, the Cornell Fashion Collective’s 35th Runway Show took place on March 9th, 2019. Check out Sun’s highlight for the amazing show. Interviewees:
Margaux Neborak ’19 – 4th Level Designer
Milam Milhouse ’19 – Model
Anastasia Mahdavian ’22 – 1st Level Designer

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Dining Debates: All the Sauces

This week we’re all about the sauces that make our foods better. How do you like your ketchup with your fries and where do you store that maple syrup? Vote in the Dining Debates food poll today!