Students assemble on Ho Plaza to reflect on Trump's victory.

Michael Wenye Li / Sun Staff Photographer

Students assemble on Ho Plaza to reflect on Trump's victory.

November 10, 2016

Professors Cancel Class, Responding To ‘Shocking’ Election Results

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Responding to Donald Trump’s shocking presidential victory, several Cornell professors across departments cancelled class Wednesday, citing personal distress and concern for students’ emotional well-being.

Prof. Jane-Marie Law, Asian, Near Eastern and religious studies, said she cancelled her “Introduction to Japan and Religion” lecture, because she was “so upset and worried I would break down, thinking about how dangerous the move the American electorate — half of them — made last night is.”

Law said she was also concerned that the content of her lecture that day would not be appropriate following the outcome of the hateful rhetoric this election cycle.

“I was due to lecture on the collapse of master narratives and how in their place there are often radical ideologies, often spurred on and shaped by hate and xenophobia,” she said. “I just felt that I was not going to be able to present that material … in a way that was not heavily colored by the hatred, bigotry and xenophobia unleashed on our country last night and … in a way that would be calm.”

Law added that she invited students from her “Environmental Sustainability” class to meet at the Neville Center at the Cornell Botanic Gardens to “outsource caring for each other and ourselves to the beauty of our herb gardens, winter garden and wildflower garden.”

Prof. Mukoma Wa Ngugi, English, also cancelled his second class of the day, “Africa in Hollywood,” after recognizing that students in his first class were clearly distracted by the election results.

“We tried to discuss the day’s assignment but after a few minutes it occurred to me that they were feeling what I was feeling as well, that a seismic shift had happened in U.S. domestic and international politics — an earthquake was happening and there was no use carrying on as if it was business as usual,” he said.

Ngugi added that he did not want his class to prevent students from watching Hillary Clinton’s concession speech or Obama’s statement about the importance of a peaceful transition of power.

“I wanted for my students what I wanted for myself — to watch history that will adversely affect me and my family in real time; to be a witness,” he said.

Moving forward, this election will have a long-term effect on the learning environment in classrooms, according to Law.

“I think when you finally realize that people who support these kinds of violent and oppressive ideologies are amongst us, you feel that you have to move to a different register of language,” she said. “We are suddenly speaking a new form of language, with social cues and erasure and inclusion and exclusion being a nuanced and half conscious dance.”

Ngugi said he hopes the outcome of the election will create an opportunity to engage in more critical discourse with students.

“Ultimately we have to learn from each other,” he said. “I actually hope to have to more critical disagreement in class, because things matter and have consequences.”

  • Grow Up

    Would this have occurred if Clinton won? LOL! Stuff like this makes me embarrassed to mention I’m an alumnus from here.

    • George W. Gates

      If Professor’s Law and Ngugi are so distressed they should submit their resignations, effective immediately. I am so saddened by how far Cornell has fallen into a mindless abyss since I graduated in ’78. I will fully support my grandchildren to choose an institution of higher learning, instead of what Cornell is now pretending to offer.

    • Claire Poza

      Completely agree. I didn’t mourn and skip class when Obama won. I also remember my gov’t professor saying that America was not exceptional. I dropped that class. I love Cornell and glad I studied something having nothing to do with politics.

      • Towner

        Guess they just need a “safe place” where they can snuggle up with their two handled sippy cups, drink the kool-ade, and all sing “Imagine” together. Nothing but coddled, half wit losers.

  • Jane-Marie LAa

    It really concerns me that you are so blithely ignorant about how different Donald Trump is from any presidential candidate we have had before. His racism, sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, homophobia and calls for violence were well documented before the election. As the Cornell professor mentioned in this article, I respond to you by saying that it is precisely because he stands for (in his values, his conduct, his business dealings and his attitudes) all we reject as an institution that we denounce him. The world is watching, and Cornell will do us proud in standing up to the kind of hatred this candidate represents. I urge all members of our community to denounce the core values of this man’s campaign of hatred.

    • Jasper

      Prof Law: Extreme Ithaca liberals living in their safe space bubble have called every GOP nominee over the past fifty years the worst one yet. They decry every candidate as the most racist sexist homophobic one ever produced. Forgive us if we don’t buy into your cry wolf narrative anymore.

    • snafubar

      You concern is nothing compared to our concerns.

      It really concerns us that you are so blithely ignorant about Hillary’s criminal behavior, her RICO organization called the Clinton Foundation, her hatred of white males, her dismissal of American values, her support of the Muslim Brotherhood, her suicidal open borders policy, her Christophobic hatred of anything Christian, her hatred for the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution, and the ACTUAL VIOLENCE that SHE and the DNC paid for at Trump rallies.

      That anyone, never mind HALF THE COUNTRY, could support or vote for such a despicable, criminal, treasonous candidate blows my mind. After Trump won, I was feeling like maybe Trump should cut Hillary a break. After reading your comment, I don’t think so.

      • Jasper

        There’s also the stunning hypocrisy of these professors supporting Hillary Clinton who had no problem waging wars against the “brown people” in the middle east, both as a Senator and Secretary of State. But, sure, keep telling yourselves Trump is the “real racist.”

    • LOL

      Prof Law: I was in one of your classes. You are a complete idiot. That is all.

      • Concerned alumna

        Ad hominin attacks like this explain exactly the pathetic anti-intellectual ignorance that got Trump elected in the first place. Wake up. And then read a book.

        Prof Law is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met.

        • Keith

          Ahhhh, seen more pseudo-intellectuals rolling out the old trope this week about how Republicans and conservatives just ain’t that smart. If you only talk among like minded people, you’ll never know how wrong you are.

        • LOL

          Prof. Law is an arrogant, self-righteous hypocrite with a well-established record of hysterics and emotional outbursts. She even admitted that she feared having another breakdown in class.

        • Anti-Millenial

          “Concerned alumna” it’s actually ad hominem, not ad hominin. Speaking of “anti-intellectual ignorance.”

    • George Childs

      Not everything the Clinton said an produced about Donald Trump was true. The last woman to come forward with an accusation about Trump attempting sexual handling of her was lying! You might remember her standing there with her head down reading what her script was. She didn’t look at the cameras the entire time she was speaking. Her lawyer Gloria Allred was standing next to her coaching her to continue. It later came out that she was paid $500,000 to make that statement. How much was the lawyer paid for supporting these false accusations? How many of the other women that spoke out on the same subject we also paid to say what they did? It’s time to get a life. You can’t trust the news media to tell the truth. The media was also totally supporting Clinton’s liberal agenda. The most corrupt person to ever run for the president in the history of this great nation has upset the immature who can’t accept reality. The American people have spoken. Accept it and move on.

      Read this:

    • Towner

      I would very much like for you to DOCUMENT all of your loser statements…Oh! You can’t? Morons like you can’t seem to remember when your America HATING, RACIST little “president” was “elected”, there weren’t any riots, or skipping classes, or any of your leftist antics. So suck it up snowflake and fill up your two handled sippy cup and head for your “safe space.” Racism, sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, homophobia and calls for violence? Nice try libtard.

    • paj70

      Are you hearing your own words? Your defenotion of tolerance can’t tolerate someone you call ‘different’! Would you have preferred someone who lied her way to the top position in the country? If the DOJ, FBI and the president himself will lie to cover for her, who are you or anyone else to say Clinton would’ve been the better pick? Look at the imperial evidence TEACHER! If you can trust a compulsive liar then it calls into question your ability to think straight!

  • Michael A Smith

    This is what happens when you give all of the kids trophies. They don’t learn how to lose and regroup.

    • David

      I agree 100%. These kids need some backbone!

  • Hume

    Maybe you could change the title of this article to something less misleadingly clickbaity, such as “Two Professors Cancel Class”. Or would that demonstrate that there is nothing newsworthy here to report?

    • Alumnus

      Yeah, seriously. One of the professors that canceled their class was clearly just drunk when they canceled it and didn’t feel like teaching in the morning. It’s not some liberal elite propaganda snowflake bull shit like people are making it out to be. We’re tired, frustrated, shocked, scared, and hungover. Let us recover for a couple of days instead of teaching/attending lectures at 8 am.

      • Fortunately for you and your fellow Cornell crybabies, my father and probably your grandparents fought a war for you to have the freedoms you have to be crybabies when you lose an election. They did’t have the luxury of being able to get drunk while they were in their foxholes, nor could they ask the sargeant if they could sleep in. What in God’s name will you do you if you suffer a real loss, such as when my 6 yr. old died in my arms. Will you just take to your bed, and ignore your remaining children who desperately need you??? Really, what would you do if you were asked to defend your country against a foreign invader?? My dad was only 18, and scared to death, but he still enlisted!!!! I just want to scream at all you, who probably have 20 participation trophies on the shelf of your old bedroom, and inflated feelings of being entitled to have everything you want, including winning every election you ever vote in, for God’s sake! How do you think it felt when our side lost an election to a community organizer who felt like this country wasn’t good enough, and that he would have to ‘fundamentally transform’ it? We licked our wounds, sobered up, and showed up at work at 8 a.m. the next day. When I lost my son, I still had to make breakfast, lunch and dinner the next day for his siblings, plus take them to school and activities. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR GENERATION OF CRYBABIES??? Cornell is now the laughing stock of the nation, and enrollment will suffer next year, just as it did at the U of Missouri.

        • Hume

          Are you done with your outburst? If you had actually read the article, you would see that the author cites two professors who canceled classes. I was in class with my students, as were all of my colleagues. Furthermore, one of the Professors mentioned in the article canceled class to allow his students to watch Clinton’s concession speech. This is a historical event, and in the course of educating students, sometimes it is necessary to allow them to witness the important events about which you are teaching them to think.

          This article is irresponsible clickbait. It is trying to lure gullible people like you to click on it and post it to social media so that they, in turn, can lure advertisers. I understand that you are incapable of actually thinking critically about what you are reading, but I urge you to try.

          • George

            Have you ever heard of youtube? Cancelling a class to watch a concession speech. Give me a freaking break.

        • Worried

          This is not about participation trophies, or character assignations of either candidate. This is about anti- intellectualism and fear for the future of our country. As Just one example of the basis of this fear, despite overwhelming evidence, Trump does not acknowledge the factors contributing to climate change, and will appoint a climate change “denier” as head of the EPA. This is just one of the many issues in which Trump’s position and policies will profoundly, adverly Impact all of us. For Cornellians to disparage people who are deeply worried about a Trump presidency is incomprehensible.

          • George Childs

            Both Obumer and Killery studied socialism according to Saul Alinsky and others. Obumer has tried to implement the eight steps that Alinsky is credited with stating are necessary to create a socialist state. They are:

            How to Create a Socialist State by Saul Alinsky ( states that while this is accredited to Saul Alinsky that credit may not be accurate.)
            1. Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people (think Obamacare)
            2. Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them.
            3. Debt – Increase debt to an unsustainable level. That way, you are able to increase taxes and this will produce more poverty. (The debt is now about $18 Trillion)
            4. Gun Control – Remove the people’s ability to defend themselves from the government. That way you can create a police state.
            5. Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food Housing and Income).
            6. Education – Take control of what the people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school. (Think Common Core) (Think about how biased the news media is in their favoritism toward the Democratic Party and liberalism.)
            7. Religion – Remove the belief in God from the government and schools.
            8. Class warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor. (The Dumbocraps are always talking about higher taxes on the rich. Also, is the racial tension that this administration another form of class warfare – supporting BLM and attacking cops?)

            How much of this has the present administration completed? What is left for Hillary to finish?

            If these kids want something to afraid about, think of what Hillary would have done. She stated that she was intending to build on what the Obama administration had begun. Were you ready for a socialist or communist-like America?

            The majority of the campaign promises that Hillary stated were all lies. She said what she thought the people wanted to hear. Yes, Donald Trump did so also. But, there was more credibility in Donald Trump’s promises than in Hillary’s. Her track record showed just how much you could trust her. But, supporting and creating a socialist government was no joke. So much of her campaign was a character assassination of Donald Trump without any evidence to support her attacks. Even the women that she paraded to place accusations against Trump were part of her scheme. At least one has already stated that she was paid $500,000 to make a false accusation against Donald Trump. She stood before the microphone with her lawyer Gloria Allred encouraging her to continue reading the script. How much did the lawyer receive for perpetrating this lie?
            Yet, these sniveling uninformed kids were traumatized by the dishonesty of Hillary and the results of the election. Get a life!

      • Jane-Marie Law

        I am not sure where these commenters got the information that someone was drunk. I also spent the next day with my students, many of them minorities who were terrified after what they had seen in the campaign trail. The tenor of these comments this article, so vicious and cruel, is precisely the kind of tone we are talking about. Welcome to Trumpism. I stand by my right to call it what it is: our very own homegrown fascism.

        • Alumnus

          A number of students received an email from an instructor (TA, professor, not sure) indicating that their scheduled class was canceled because they were “feeling very, very ill suddenly late this evening as I suspect many of you might be also. I should … at least be coherent enough to teach by Monday. I just can’t see that happening in the next 12-14 hours.” Sounds like they were drunk and sad. That’s all. Nothing to see here.

        • George

          So instead of talking your students down off the perch, you increased the melodrama. Can you spell backbone?

        • DT

          Homegrown fascism? Cornell pays you to teach? Various members of my family escaped true fascism, died in their camps and some survived to live in this country. Trump is a vulgar New Yorker, but not a fascist. I’ve never liked his kind, but he is not far removed from LBJ who was a coarse and obscene man. Grow up. Hillary is married to a serial predator and never divorced him. She attacked his victims and is therefore complicit in his crimes. You can call the Clock Tower fascist, it doesn’t make it so, it just dilutes the power of the word.

          • Cu

            Here here!

          • Concerned alumna

            You should be ashamed. Was Hitler elected because the populace hated the Jews? No. He was elected in a time of political instability and fear.

            Wake up and look around you. All fascism has to start somewhere. How long do we wait until it’s “true” facism? How many pussies must be grabbed? How many Muslims must be degraded and attacked? How many women must be called “pigs” and “dogs” and “slobs”? How many Mexicans must be called criminals?

            Let me know when you approve this as fascism, and maybe then we can begin to fight. Or should we just wait until it’s too late?

        • Keith

          Jane-Marie, this distinction will likely be lost on you but I suspect to the extent students were “terrified,” it’s not due to “what they had seen on the campaign trail” but rather what a partisan and corrupt media and college faculty told them was taking place on the campaign trail.

          • George Childs

            Keith, I totally agree with you. The media distorted everything they possibly could to discredit Donald Trump and to promote their liberal agenda.

            Please check out my comments above to other people on this thread.

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  • Jasper
  • snafubar

    “how dangerous the move the American electorate — half of them — made last night is.”

    Now that’s funny. Half of America felt exactly the same way on Nov 8, 2008 when Obama was elected.

  • RU Kidding

    Let’s see. I just paid $30,000.00 for my daughter’s tuition. They go to class 13 times per week on average for 14 weeks. For you heartbroken lost souls, that is about $170.00 per class which is more than I paid per credit when I went to college. I doubt my professors cancelled classes when the evil Ronald Reagan won a second term. In case you haven’t read up on him, he was also called stupid, a racist, Ronnie Ray-Gun (he was going to blow up the world according to the geniuses of that era), and nothing more than an actor (despite being governor of California for several years).

    Maybe the professors could have taken the time to teach the students something about how our government and elections work., instead of cancelling class. Also, maybe the professors could donate the tuition money for the classes to something worthwhile.

  • The Deporables

    Upon reading this, I am embarrassed to be an alumni.

  • George

    Simply unbelievable. This is what “higher education” has come to.

  • Sal

    As an alum…This is embarrassing

  • borris batanov

    These “professors” should be fired. They’re paid to teach, not to take days off or comment on current events.

    CU students are such woosies. You’re paying $50k a year for this? I’d ask for my money back.

    • Concerned alumna

      It’s not a military academy. Cornell stands for the intellectual pursuit of ideas, and sometimes that means taking stock of the world around you.

      • Sick & Tired

        You want some real world news? Clinton lied to the parents of the Benghazi soldiers that died on her watch. STRAIGHT TO ANOTHER PARENT’S FACE who just lost their child. Who’s the threat? She THEN smeared them publicly for getting upset when they found out she lied to them. No threat there! A man is currently in jail for commiting the same act as she did. He’s a threat that needs to be behind bars but she’s not. She is a liar, a fake, and would lie to you as well if it meant payday for her. Trump may not be what we Americans want but its what we voted for. Suck it up butter-cup, shit just got real!

    • George Childs

      I like the way the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University put it. Please check out this link. I support him in this:

  • fudd

    really? i feel like an angry old man but i have to say this: “KIDS ARE SO SOFT these days!” my God! you are there to learn, to work, get up ! keep going!

    • Alumnus

      The generation of individuals aged 40-60 love complaining about how we’re cry baby snow flakes and we’re “soft” because we were all given trophies when we were kids. I don’t agree with this sentiment at all, but look in the fucking mirror. Who gave us the trophies? Who raised us? Who brought us up in this world? I cannot wait for the generation of baby voters to be too old to influence our country’s politics. Voters under 30 unanimously (literally all 538 electoral votes) voted for Hillary. Soon, this group will run the old, backward voters out of the voting field and we can return to a progressive society with strong values in education, equality, health, and environmental prosperity.

      • Alumnus

        baby boomers*

      • RU Kidding

        Speaking of things that never change. Voters get older and change when faced with real-world issues. You will get older someday and may very well have a different opinion about how things should be.

        Also, Hillary was such a flawed candidate. Do you realize she was still debating gay marriage with her election team in 2014? (Thank you Wikileaks) Now, anybody who is opposed is an outright homophobic ass, because they did not see the light exactly when she did. Actually, Donald Trump supported gay marriage long before Hillary’s pollsters told her she should support it. Everyone should support gay marriage and they should have supported it long before it was fashionable. She cannot claim the moral high ground here, although she and her supporters sure try. Her husband also authored “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

        She supported the crime bill that resulted in 10’s of thousands of people of color being incarcerated for non-violent offenses. She called young black men – “super predators”.

        She is opposed to charter schools that often provide motivated, at-risk minority kids with their only hope for a decent education. She would rather them stay in failing schools based on where they live so she can collect the political contributions from the teacher’s unions. If I am wrong, what was her plan to fix violent, run-down, failing schools? I never heard it.

        She speaks out against for-profit colleges while she supports Laureate University. Laureate is school that paid Bill Clinton $17 Million over 4 years to be its honorary chairman. What did he do for that money, you ask? He made sure the State Department and the Department of Education allowed Laureate Students to get federal student aid and made sure they halted investigations of the school’s practices. By the way, Laureate Students face mountains of debt (the second highest of any school in the country), have few job prospects, and default on their loans at obscene rates. She wants to lower the cost of college education, but accepts $300,000 speaking fees from colleges and universities. Where do you think that money comes from?

        She despises the military men and women that she wanted to lead as commander in chief. She also despises the secret service men and women charged to protect her because they helped hide Bill’s affairs from her. I have personal experience with this.

        She literally ruined the lives of women who either had affairs with or were sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. You do realize that she criticized and called a 22-year old intern a narcissistic looney toon after it was discovered that her husband had sex with her? She actually blamed the intern instead of her husband. They also tried to silence her by setting her up with jobs in New York City once the affair started to become known to insiders in Washington. That would be your classic, powerful man (Most powerful man in the world by the way) using his influence and power to obtain sexual favors with the promise of using such power to benefit the victim.

        She supports only climate measures that actually have no penalties or deadlines. Please name one climate change action she has ever supported that wasn’t purely a political stunt.

        Finally, I am not thrilled with Trump, either. But, we need to blame ourselves and the media for allowing these two to be our choices for president. And, please don’t listen to how she has the moral high ground over anybody. It is simply not true.

        • Cu

          Excellent post. Thank you.

      • Sick & Tired

        Oh, THERE’S a mature and intelligent response to everything…”well, you made me do it.” I don’t happen to be in the 40-60 range or the under 30 range, but I can eyeball an uneducated rant when I read one. Here’s the thing: this was an election. It was run like all other elections in the past (including Obama’s TWICE). There was also an outcome. Nothing you can do now but move to Canada.

      • George Childs

        This nation was founded on strong values. The political correctness the these liberal institutions are pushing are the most immoral standards ever created, As historians state those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. This country is falling apart due to political correctness creating the same misguided practices that led to the fall of the Roman Empire and other great civilizations.

        Obama had tried to create a socialist state in America. Look up “How to Create a Socialist State” by Saul Alinsky. Take a serious look at the eight steps listed there. How many can you identify as being done by Obama?

        Hillary said that she would “Build” on what Obama had started. That is something the students across this nation should be really afraid of.

        Snopes,com states that Alinsky is not really the one who created the idea. But for sure, other countries have done these things to install a dictator. This is how Marxism starts in any country. I am glad that Hillary did not win the election.

        • jcr

          Well said, GC.

    • Concerned alumna

      Strange that you applaud the idea that we should put blinders on and just wake up and work every day without thinking about what’s happening in the world around us. Maybe that’s how you managed to create the world we live in today.

      Take ownership. “Kids” didn’t raise themselves.

  • Abe ’14

    I am BEGGING for Cornell to call me for a donation today!

    • Cu

      Cornell endowment has skyrocketed despite extreme political correctness that you might think would dissuade at least some donors. The political correct elite is funded for decades to come.

  • Bill B

    As an alum the real shame here is the continued coddling of young adults (and some older) who for whatever reasons have failed to grow up. The world is not a perfect place, and you don’t “win” all the time. Learn how to play nice in the sandbox while avoiding the ignorant simplicity of bad-mouthing any opposing view. And here I thought the goal of a higher education was the open exchange & interaction of ideas. Silly me. Fairly impossible to achieve that noble goal when apparently half or more simply shutdown at the mere mention of an alternate approach / view / etc. No candidate or person is perfect, many if not most of us say some things we’d prefer to take back, etc etc but the one thing that will get you nowhere fast is to sit there, cry about it and continue to expect to gather your trophies at the end of the season / semester / life. Worst Generation Ever? Quite possibly.

    • Concerned alumna

      Thank you for creating this world you seem to despise so much.

      Wake up and see the open-mindedness and progressiveness that is growing around you, and young people are desperate to fight against misogyny and bigotry of all sorts.

      Or actually don’t, and just go back to your cubicle because what do you care? You’ll be dead by the time this planet is destroyed and Florida is underwater, not to mention NYC and any other coastal region. Let’s just hope your daughters aren’t the ones to be sexually assaulted by men like Trump, who follow his lead and believe they have the right to women’s bodies.

  • Alumnus

    Literally every generation in history says “the generation younger than us is the worst generation ever! They’re ruining everything!” This isn’t unique. We aren’t the worst generation in history. We’re just new, young, progressive. We have different ideas, different values. And that scares older people who have been living in this world for 50+ years and don’t want to share it.

    As for accepting alternate viewpoints – that’s fine. I’m willing to do that. But when those alternate view points tell me that I don’t matter, that I can’t get married, that I need to be deported, that my life doesn’t matter, that my rights aren’t important, etc., I will not stand for that. I don’t have to respect those opinions. They’re toxic and dangerous.

    • Cu

      How do you feel about sharia law? My understanding is that it calls for death penalty for homosexuality. I do not believe it is de facto evil to be concerned about people from this tradition entering our country in large numbers. But please tell me why this is wrong. No hatred for Muslims but this seems like a legitimate concern. Also, it seems belittling of Muslims to me to deprive them of moral agency by thinking that any anti western stance or action on their part is due primarily to what we do or say. Seems more likely to me that they have beliefs and feelings that are mostly of their own making and not primarily due to us. Were not Carter and Obama vilified by much of the Muslim world despite being quite progressive by our standards? Please respond. I would like to know why it is wrong to think this way.

    • Cu

      What about treatment of women under sharia law? Why is it racist or xenophobic to be concerned about people raised in a culture imbued with such beliefs entering our country in large numbers? My own feeling is that people are more similar than different in a fundamental sense but that we are prone to fear of “outsiders”. In the current day, I believe that the vast majority of Americans (even those who reluctantly voted for Trump) are very tolerant of those of various religions, ethnicities, sexual orientation etc at least by historical standards. For example, is it not true that indigenous tribes in what is now the northeast US routinely warred with each other and brutally tortured captives for months on end before killing them? My understanding is that fear of this and a cultural emphasis on stoicism in the face of even the most horrific torture was such that many indigenous men were insomniacs. Compare the mental (and physical) toughness of such people to those at the “cry in” this week. Sometimes there is legitimate reason to fear the “outsider” from a purely practical standpoint even while realizing that he or she is at root no different from you or me. This is not racist or xenophobic. It’s not something to feel guilty about. It is not evil. It is a legitimate concern that calls for a practical solution. That’s not to say that Trump had anything close to an acceptable solution in mind but please do not tell me that Obama and/or Clinton had us on the best path. Btw my late father is the survivor of Nazi concentration camps. When I say he loved the US I mean he REALLY loved the US. He would go ten steps out of his way to insist on shaking the hand of any member of the armed services. This was embarrassing but made a huge impression. We lived in what I know realize was a poor urban neighborhood (populated by waiters, janitors and factory workers) but I thought we were rich because my father kept saying we were (I guess compared to his former life in Europe). The fact that his children went to college (Cornell even) was mind boggling to him. That’s the type of immigrant we need.

  • Emaar

    I’m both an alumnus and parent of a Cornell student. While I was distressed by outcome of the election and am concerned about what the future holds, hearing that at least a few Cornell professors cancelled classes because of their personal distress leaves me shaking my head. Out here in the real world, we woke-up (mostly bleary eyed) on Wednesday, came to our offices and did our jobs that we get paid to do. I’m sure that the professors have more than enough free time outside of class to engage in political activism to obtain better results in future elections. But by petulantly canceling classes, they are stealing from their students (and the parents who are likely paying their student’s tuition).

    • Alumnus

      Your son/daughter is already skipping class. They just won’t tell you that. Chill.

  • George W. Gates

    I am utterly ashamed to be an alumnus of Cornell University

    • George

      Perhaps you would be more ashamed to know that a Cornell administrator ripped up a copy of the Constitution because a student said she was offended by it.

      • jcr

        What is admin. name? Student name? “offense”?

  • Hayden

    I wonder how these professors & students would feel if they called 911 needing an ambulance and were told, “An ambulance is not available today becasue the EMTs are too distraught about the elections results to come to work today and probably the rest of the week. By the way, the Emergency Room at the hospitals is also closed for the same reason.”

    I did not vote for Obama in 2008 or in 2012. But I got up and went to work on Wednesday after the elections. I did not go into the streets to protest. I don’t understand this behavior.

    • Concerned alumna

      You don’t understand this behavior because you don’t understand the threat to humanity that Trump poses to so many students and people around this country.

      • Sick & Tired

        Clinton lied to the parents of the Benghazi soldiers that died on her watch. STRAIGHT TO ANOTHER PARENT’S FACE who just lost their child. Who’s the threat? She THEN smeared them publicly for getting upset when they found out she lied to them. No threat there! A man is currently in jail for commiting the same act as she did. He’s a threat that needs to be behind bars but she’s not. She is a liar, a fake, and would lie to you as well if it meant payday for her. Trump may not be what we Americans want but its what we voted for. Suck it up butter-cup, shit just got real!

      • George

        Your melodrama is sickening.

      • jcr

        Please define the perceived ‘threat’ and explain your assertion.

    • Nasty Woman Drug Dealer

      I wish I was privileged enough to be unconcerned with the way this election will affect my life, my friends’ lives, and the lives of future children of color. I wish I did not have to feel like half this country measured my worth by my race or gender on November 8. I wish I didn’t feel like half this country either hates me or is OK with my being hated. But I do feel that way. And the hatred has been made blatant because it was voted into the highest level of government possible. “The free world” as long as you aren’t a woman, a person of color, a member of the LGBTQ++ community, or a differently abled person. I wish you understood. But you won’t. You will choose silence and apathy as forms of compliance. These are the worst forms of harm, and have killed more people than anyone can imagine. And when you wonder why people hurt or humiliate or invalidate those like me, look in the mirror. You let this happen.

  • Cu

    Why no reporting on the “cry in” held earlier this week?
    THE MAN: Anyone trying to stick it to me today?
    AIDE: Potentially boss. There is a group of protesters amassing on the quad. They seem very worked up..
    THE MAN: Activate defcon 3. Deploy the drone camera. Let’s take a look.
    AIDE: Pulling up drone visual on your laptop.
    THE MAN: OMG are they……..crying?
    AIDE: It appears so sir.
    THE MAN: De-escalate to defcon 1 and bring me my bagel.
    AIDE: Yes sir.
    (15 minutes later)
    THE MAN: Good bagel but more cream cheese nest time. What’s the update?
    AIDE: Protesters are sipping lattes from Starbucks and appear to have cheered up a bit.
    THE MAN: Ok. Thanks. Suspend defcon alert, bring me my nartini and move my tee time up to 1.
    AIDE: Right away sir.

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  • jcr

    Article not a surprise…Faculty member response = pathetic. Student behavior = pathetic. University = pathetic. My undergrad degree from this organization = useless.

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