S.A. members and Cornell administrators are working together to provide free tampons in a select number of bathrooms after Referendum 30 passed last semester

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S.A. members and Cornell administrators are working together to provide free tampons in a select number of bathrooms after Referendum 30 passed last semester

February 9, 2017

Cornell To Begin Dispensing Free Tampons in Some Campus Bathrooms

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Members of Cornell’s Student Assembly and the Women’s Resource Center are meeting with University administration to discuss how to provide free tampons and pads in all campus bathrooms.

Bridget Doolittle ’17, board member for the Women’s Resource Center — who, along with S.A. Chair Jordan Berger ’17 and Executive Vice President Matt Indimine ‘18 met with administrators to discuss the next steps — said the administration agreed to run a pilot program in select bathrooms.

“[W]e have selected a number of restrooms across campus, both female-identified and gender non-identified, that we think will provide an accurate snapshot of the usage of products when they are made free of charge,” Doolittle said.

During this pilot, the Women’s Resource Center will be funding the hygiene products, according to Indimine, who also added that the task force may also provide the products in male-identified bathrooms.

“Currently, there is not adequate infrastructure in men’s restrooms to support [the initiative], but we are working towards resolving this issue beyond the initial pilot,” Indimine said, adding that the initial pilot program will begin later this semester.

Doolittle said she is still working out the kinks in funding the products and purchasing the containers from which they will be dispensed.

This plan will allow Cornell to join other colleges, including Brown University, which have announced similar plans to provide accessible sanitary hygiene products to their students.

In September, Brown’s Undergraduate Council of Students announced that it would fund and stock free sanitary hygiene products in bathrooms around campus.

“[S.A. is] currently in contact with our counterparts at Brown and working to support each other’s initiatives,” Indimine said.

The Brown initiative was entirely student-run and student-funded, but Cornell’s referendum will have backing from the University administration.

Doolittle said the University side of the task force — composed of Vice President Ryan Lombardi, Associate VP of Facilities Management Ben Kuo and Associate Director of Building Care Cindy Lockwood —  was excited by the program and shared valuable insights during the meeting.

“They have been available to answer questions, work through ideas and concerns with, and simply support our vision throughout the past few months,” Doolittle said.

Indimine and Doolittle said the pilot was recommended by Interim President Hunter S. Rawlings III, who has also endorsed the initiative.

“[All] the stakeholders are pushing for this as a team, on behalf of the students,” Indimine said. “We’re all pretty optimistic about this and see success in the future.”

  • Pete

    How about free cupcakes? How about free filet mignon?

    • Class of 2017

      To equate the need for access to tampons to a need for access to a luxury is a sign of either inability or no desire to educate yourself about the issues others face. If you have never had to skip a class (which you pay for with your tuition), office hour, meeting, or run late due to unexpectedly getting your period, then you are in a luckier part of the population. However, for those stuck in a situation where they suddenly get their period and do not have a tampon, this will greatly improve the quality of their education (and maybe even yours if you are relying on them to be on time)!

      • Ezra Tank

        Nonsense. You’re an adult now start acting like one. Do you think when you graduate your office building should have free tampons/pads in their bathrooms as well? How about if you’re visiting the zoo should they have them as well? At what point do you want to grow up and become an adult?

        I’ve been married for 20 years have two children of my own (one a daughter) and my wife has never missed work, a meeting or anything because she “unexpectedly got her period”. She would be disciplined and fired if she said this at work. My wife has used toilet paper in such emergencies before. But again if you’re an adult now you can basically figure out, “hey maybe I should just put a pad/tampon in my bag/purse this week you know JUST IN CASE.

        How did the the women of the world survive life before you and your social ideas came along? They prepared, that’s how.

        GROW UP.

      • Scruff McGruff

        How about free advil to treat the headaches you moronic Leftists cause me?

    • Oh no snowflake

      Does it hurt your feelings that women get something you don’t? Pete FACTs show that women make less money and pay more for things. This includes items that men never have to pay for like tampons. A tampon is not a cupcake- something you can take or leave. If you need it you need it. But Pete I am sure you never go to anything on campus where there is free stuff right? No events with free food, career days with free swag. You pay for every single thing you have yourself.

      • Scruff McGruff

        I require free lube to lubricate my enormous Trump cock. All 12 inches of it. Will Cornell provide free oil and lube? It’s like adding oil to a foot long party sub – I need lots of oil. FREE please?

  • Abe ’11

    No problem as long as no general student funding goes toward this. If the Women’s Resource Center wants to provide women’s resources, fine. But no student should be paying for any other student’s hygiene

  • Old Man McCloud

    What about free condoms? Aren’t they just as necessary a health item? And you never know when you might need one or two…

    • Lara

      Free condoms are already provided…

      • Scruff McGruff

        Those free condoms suck. They’re made for tiny dicks. I have a big fat THICK meaty cock. A glorious TRUMP COCK. I require XL Magnums. I want to see a bowl of gold foiled Magnums in the RPCC. Like a pot of gold. Those small condoms are for sad losers with tiny peeners!

  • Annie81

    This is happening bc we’ve raised a generation that has everything provided for it, and cannot deal with being “uncomfortable”. So for years we females just had “emergency period items” in our purses or knapsacks, and if we didnt, we would ask a friend or get it at a bookstore/store on campus.After “being surprised” once, it would most likely not happen again.Lets stop enabling a generation that just can’t figure things out on their own- this idea is ridiculous.

  • Scruff McGruff

    FACT: I will steal every single free tampon

    And then re-sell them on the black market

    and then donate the proceeds to the Republican Party

    suck on that!