9 thoughts on “Sanctuary Now Protest Held on Arts Quad

  1. They want sanctuaries. Let’s assume that’s fine for a minute.

    But they want others, who want immigration law followed, to pay for the sanctuaries.

  2. Let us help Americans and those that are here legally!
    Re travel “ban”, I for one , know that I could not feel safe, travel, go to school, or use a toilet in those “banned” countries!
    They rid our people from those countries.

  3. LOL I wonder how many of these snowflakes would be okay with giving up their spot at Cornell to allow an illegal immigrant to come study here.

    It’s amazing how short sighted these supposedly “elite” group of students really are.

  4. Heartening to see such a tiny crowd. Most normal Cornellians have much better things to do, no doubt. Yet the Sun, o god, features this prominently because it’s the crusader, the righteous one. Retch.

  5. I especially love the dimwit with the sign about stolen land.

    I don’t see her packing up her stuff to move back to Europe.

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