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May 20, 2017

Sun Sessions with West End China Shop

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West End China Shop is a shabby rock outfit comprised of four self described “basement dads.” They play garage rock tunes with plenty of keyboard, for the kids and no one else.

Drums: Jonny Collazo, Arts and Sciences, Comparative Literature, Class of 2018
Bass: Stephen Meisel, Arts and Sciences, Comparative Literature, Class of 2018
Keys: Franklin Ellis, CALS, Development Sociology/ IARD, Class of 2019
Vox/ Guitar: J. Benjamin Montaño, Arts and Sciences, Gov’t /Comparative Literature, Class of 2019

Set List

Instagram: @westendchinashop

Videographers: LeeAnn Marcello
Video Editor: LeeAnn Marcello
Audio Engineer: TJ Hurd
In collaboration with Electric Buffalo Records and Fanclub Collective

  • Ockie

    Sam Phillips wouldn’t have bothered to even spit on this rubbish.

  • student

    Sounds great!

  • Ockie

    This show is horrible. It does a disservice to Sun Records, which recorded Johnny Cash, Elvis and Howlin’ Wolf. PBS is an emasculated blob of blandness and untruth.