Big Red Ambition: 161 Things Every Cornellian Should Do

February 27, 2005 7:00 pm1 comment

Compiled from student responses to an e-mail survey in 2005; updated 2014.

o 1. Make the library into your bedroom and have sex in the stacks

o 2. Finally meet the dazzling Denice Cassaro

o 3. Go to the Cornell-Harvard men’s hockey game and throw fish on the ice

o 4. Sing along to “We didn’t go to Harvard” with the Cayuga’s Waiters

o 5. Sled down Libe Slope during a snow storm

o 6. Take Hotel Administration 4300: Introduction to Wines

o 7. Streak across the Arts Quad

o 8. Take Psychology 1101: Intro to Psychology

o 9. Test out Olin Library’s musically calibrated steps by throwing stones on them

o 10. Attempt sake bombing at Plum Tree or Miyake in Collegetown

o 11. Order ice cream at the Dairy Bar

o 12. Climb the rock wall in Bartels Hall

o 13. Listen to a full chimes concert from the clock tower and guess the songs played

o 14. Order the same thing off the Collegetown Bagels menu all four years

o 15. Register for classes during Freshman Orientation, then switch out of    every single one by the time Add/Drop ends

o 16. Wear flip-flops to class in January

o 17. Go to the Fuertes Observatory on North Campus and gaze at meteor    showers

o 18. Have a snowball fight in May

o 19. Milk a cow

o 20. Skip class to play frisbee on the Arts Quad

o 21. Bury a bottle of Bacardi on the Slope. Dig it up on Slope Day.

o 22. Pick apples at the Cornell Orchards

o 23. Attend the Apple Festival on the Commons

o 24. Flirt with your professor

o 25. Bomb a prelim

o 26. Ace the next one to save your grade

o 27. Attend Hotelie prom

o 28. Meet Happy Dave from Okenshield’s

o 29. Turn your face blue from screaming at midnight before the first finals

o 30. Get heartburn at the Chili Cook-off on the Commons

o 31. Enjoy Ithaca’s two months of warm weather — spend a summer here!

o 32. Go to a Shabbat dinner at 104 West (CornellCard it)

o 33. Watch the AAP students parade down East Avenue on Dragon Day

o 34. Enjoy corn nuggets at The Nines

o 35. Build a snow penis or count how many you see around campus

o 36. Dress up and view The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Risley

o 37. Take a class you think is impossible just for fun

o 38. Go on a wine tour

o 39. Kiss on the suspension bridge at midnight

o 40. Sleep through your alarm for a 1:25 class

o 41. Shop at the Friends of the Library Book Sale

o 42. Get out of a University parking ticket

o 43. Buy an Ithaca Is Gorges t-shirt, then get sick of wearing it and buy a variation (Ithaca Is Gangsta, Vaginas Are Gorges, Ithaca Is Long Island…)

o 44. Learn the “Alma Mater,” “Evening Song” and “Give My Regards to Davy”

o 45. Attend an opening at the Johnson Museum of Art

o 46. Smuggle food from the dining hall and run for your life as they try to get back your stolen cookies

o 47. Do the Walk of Shame

o 48. Have dinner at a professor’s house

o 49. Get wasted at a professor’s house

o 50. Take a #selfie with President David Skorton

o 51. Play a game of tag in the Kroch Library stacks

o 52. See a play in the Schwartz Center

o 53. Rush the field at the last home football game of the season

o 54. Start your freshman year pre-med. Graduate as a Hotelie.

o 55. Gamble at Turning Stone (try not to lose money)

o 56. Watch dancers fly through the air at a Bhangra show

o 57. Have a midnight picnic in the Cornell Plantations

o 58. Wait in line for half an hour for a salad at the Terrace

o 59. Ignore any and all “No Winter Maintenance” signs … slip and fall on the icy stairs

o 60. Sit in Libe Café when you have no work to do and watch the worried    studiers down gallons of coffee

o 61. Write an angry letter to the editor of The Sun

o 62. Go to Wegmans on a Friday or Saturday night

o 63. Explore the secret underground tunnel between Uris and Olin libraries

o 64. See the library’s Rare Book Collection

o 65. Pretend you are Harry Potter and study in the A.D. White library (looks like Hogwarts)

o 66. See the brain collection in Uris Hall

o 67. Eat at Taverna Banfi (formerly Banfi’s) and charge it to CornellCard

o 68. Buy beer at Jason’s in Collegetown and charge it to CityBucks

o 69. Take PAPL 2010: Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds

o 70. Take part in a psychology experiment

o 71. Take an unplanned nap in a library

o 72. Take over a building

o 73. According to legend, watch a virgin cross the Arts Quad and then witness A.D. White and Ezra Cornell shake hands

o 74. Live through an Ithaca blizzard and tell your friends how you survived    frostbite

o 75. Throw a flaming pumpkin into the gorge

o 76. Play co-ed intramural innertube water polo

o 77. Spend all your lectures figuring out the day’s crossword. While sitting    for the final, wish you had taken notes instead.

o 78. Hook up with your T.A.

o 79. Order a PMP at the Hot Truck

o 80. Play trivia at Ruloff’s on Sunday nights

o 81. Play again on Monday at Chapter House

o 82. Make a fool of yourself at karaoke at Loco on Tuesday

o 83. Hit up Group Therapy on Wednesdays at Dunbar’s

o 84. Go bowling at Helen Newman Lanes

o 85. Hand out quartercards on Ho Plaza

o 86. Drive your car up and down Libe Slope or Ho Plaza

o 87. Have a friend’s parents take you out to eat at John Thomas Steakhouse or Boatyard Grill

o 88. Eat a chicken parm sandwich from Louie’s Lunch

o 89. Eat breakfast at 2 a.m. at the State Diner

o 90. Males: Get thrown out of Balch Hall

o 91. Hook up with a freshman

o 92. Go skinny dipping in a gorge

o 93. Walk to the Commons and back

o 94. Go to an a cappella concert

o 95. Go ice skating at Lynah Rink

o 96. Instagram the cherry blossoms in the spring

o 97. Sell back your books; use money to buy alcohol

o 98. Drink bubble tea

o 99. Eat a Pinesburger

o 100. Walk to a fraternity party with your entire freshman floor

o 101. Go to a fraternity party as a senior; convince yourself you were never one of them

o 102. Get lost in Collegetown during Orientation Week

o 103. Get negged at a bar because the bouncer is actually friends with the      person whose I.D. you are using

o 104. See a foreign film at Cinemapolis

o 105. Eat mongo at RPCC

o 106. See a concert at Barton Hall

o 107. Gain the freshman 15. Pay $145 for a gym membership and don’t go

o 108. Eat brunch on North Campus

o 109. Do your Freshman Reading Project before you graduate

o 110. Fail your swim test, just for kicks

o 111. Tailgate for homecoming

o 112. Be a model in the Cornell Fashion Collective’s annual fashion show

o 113. Host a prefrosh

o 114. Request a song to be played on the clock tower

o 115. Get guilt-tripped into giving blood

o 116. Get asked if you are pregnant at Gannett (males and females)

o 117. Drink with your R.A.

o 118. Make a chalking; weep when it rains that night

o 119. Sing drunk on the drunk bus

o 120. Meet Bill Nye ’77, “The Science Guy,” and give him a hug

o 121. See how long you can go without doing laundry

o 122. Go on a road trip to Canada, flirt with the border patrol, smuggle booze back

o 123. Try to order pizza from a Blue Light phone

o 124. Go to the sex shop on the Commons

o 125. Get drunk on Slope Day, run into Vice President Susan Murphy ’73

o 126. Complain about the Slope Day headliners

o 127. Get tapped for a secret society

o 128. Go to The Shops at Ithaca Mall, realize it is severely lacking, then drive to Carousel Mall in Syracuse

o 129. Lose a friend over signing a lease in Collegetown

o 130. Run out of BRBs in March; live off campus events’ free food for the rest of the year

o 131. Walk holding hands around Beebe Lake

o 132. Visit the Sciencenter

o 133. See Yamatai bang it out at Pulse

o 134. Get J.A.’d for urinating on the Law School

o 135. Hook up with someone randomly and then see them every day afterward

o 136. Go to a coffee house in JAM

o 137. See how many people you can cram into your dorm room

o 138. Watch people play Dance Dance Revolution in Appel

o 139. Write dirty messages with rocks in the gorge

o 140. Ride a horse at Oxley Equestrian Center

o 141. Ring the giant bell in the Plantations

o 142. Crash a political rally on Ho Plaza

o 143. Do the COE ropes course

o 144. Attend a show at the State Theatre

o 145. Prank call the CIT HelpDesk

o 146. Wake up at 7 a.m. for CoursEnroll; realize that your choice classes are full anyway

o 147. Ski at Greek Peak

o 148. Take a night prelim near the vet school, walk back in the dark

o 149. Trespass on Alumni Fields

o 150. Ask Ezra’s Oracle a question

o 151. Take the BASICS program

o 152. Walk to class in the snow, uphill both ways

o 153. Buy a Cornell-grown apple from a vending machine

o 154. Furnish an apartment entirely with items from the Dump & Run

o 155. Eat at each dining hall at least once

o 156. Ask for an extension on a term paper

o 157. Take part in Holi and get colorful

o 158. Pull an all-nighter in the Uris Library Cocktail Lounge

o 159. Tell a professor what you really think of his/her class

o 160. Attend a Sun organizational meeting: Go to for details

o 161. Climb all 161 steps to the top of McGraw Tower

  • Julie Weston James

    i got 60!!