MEN’S HOCKEY | Red Looks to Improve Consistency

January 29, 2015 12:30 am0 comments
Brittney Chew / Sun Staff Photographer
Senior alternate captain and defenseman Joakim Ryan has made a major impact offensively and defensively since returning from a hand injury that kept the San Jose Sharks draftee out for a month.

By JOON LEE If you had told Cornell men’s hockey coach Mike Schafer ’86 at the beginning of the season that his team would be ranked No. 2 in the country in team defense and have the best goaltender in the country in sophomore Mitch Gillam, he would have been […]

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FENCING | Fencing Drops Three of Five in Philadelphia

January 28, 2015 11:39 pm0 comments
FENCING | Fencing Drops Three of Five in Philadelphia

By SHAN DHALIWAL The Cornell fencing team travelled to the annual Philadelphia Invitational last Saturday to compete against Temple University, Duke University, the University of North Carolina, Northwestern University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Junior foil Angelica Gangemi finished 10-3 at the competition. Freshman Luby Kiriakidi, also on […]

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DENSON | Boshtasaoroux Rex Ready to Lead Heat

11:34 pm1 comment

By BEN DENSON Who knew that former superstar, “Mr. Basketball” and the self described “oddball” would be poised for a season of greatness? Chris Bosh, yes the overrated, yet somehow underutilized player, is supposed to fill the gap LeBron James left and lift the Miami Heat to its third championship […]

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Ten Questions With Hannah Clark and Kaylie Cronin

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Jason Nathan / Sun Staff Photographer
Junior gymnastics co-captains Kaylie Cronin and Hannah Clark ­are roommates in addition to being teammates.

Sun Assistant Sports Editor and 10 Questions columnist Anna Fasman sat down with gymnastics juniors Kaylie Cronin and Hannah Clark to talk about everything from barista aspirations to dancing like “a dad at a barbecue.” 1) How did you get your start in gymnastics? H.C.: My mom put me in […]

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SQUASH | Men, Women Red Fall To No. 1 Trinity College

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Michelle Feldman / Sun Senior Editor
Senior Aditya Jagtap, pictured above, was only able to win his game against Drexel, falling to both St. Lawrence and Trinity this weekend.

By ARIEL COOPER The women’s squash team jumped into the second half of its season this weekend with victories over No. 14 Drexel and No. 20 St. Lawrence before falling to No. 1 Trinity on Sunday. The win against St. Lawrence was a sweep for the No. 6 Red, with […]

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LINSEY | January Trading Season In the English Premier League

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By KEVIN LINSEY As the month of January draws to a close, it is time to reflect on a pivotal month in the soccer calendar. January is the only month of the season where teams are permitted to buy and sell players. Therefore, players signed in January can be the […]

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