REDDY 4-17

REDDY | Lost in the Closet

For a long time since then I projected my insecurities on others. I felt like the only true way for me to be gay was to be unapologetically “fierce.” I acted and appeared as a stereotypical gay man and cut out anyone who I felt wasn’t with that. I began to see homophobia where it wasn’t. It took some hard looks in the mirror to see that me at my “fiercest” was me at my most repressed, most pretending to be something I’m not in blind pursuit of something that I thought I should be.

WANG 4-17

WANG | Wall Street and Walmart

The unspoken assumption about Dyson is that a significant portion of the students want a career in finance. And not just a career in finance — on Wall Street, too. Banks! Big, bloody banks. There isn’t anything more intriguing and sexy than working on Wall Street for most students here. The most popular concentration is finance. The most popular clubs are financing and investment. The panels where banks come to meet students at Cornell are easily the most attended. I went to an entrepreneurship panel today — seven people showed up.

4-14 hagopian

HAGOPIAN | Ich Bin Ein Zeusian

I work at Temple of Zeus. My English teachers have always told me to “show, not tell” in my writing, but gosh darnit I just can’t help myself. I work at Temple of Zeus and I’m proud of it. In a February article, The Sun’s dining department ranked all the eateries on campus. Zeus finished second.

SOT 4-13

SEX ON THURSDAY | Penile Plethysmography & You

It is a stereotype of male arousal that it tends to go one way or the other. That is to say, you’re either turned on or you’re not. While such platitudes are mostly true, they do overlook the realm of partial tumescence, the delightful stage in-between full erection and full flaccidity.


MALPASS | Keep Being Angry

It seems like it just keeps getting worse. Just in the past week we’ve heard news that the Great Barrier Reef is in a terminal stage of its existence, a doctor has been beaten senselessly because he would not give up the seat he paid for, a shooting has occurred in a San Bernardino elementary school and sarin gas has been deployed against the people of Syria.

jeong 4-12

JEONG | Politicizing Our Superheroes

However, it is because these superheroes represent the greater values of our society that they can become symbols of our politics. It is interesting that superhero movies have become modern political allegories. Most people don’t go to the movie theaters for profound philosophical discussion on Locke and the social contract. Rather, most summer flicks are a few hours of escapism in the form of uncomplicated Hollywood drama.


TRUSTEE VIEWPOINT | A Restoration of Faith in Shared Governance

On April 17, Cornell will have its 14th President, Martha Pollack. As we begin the process to welcome a new leader, it may also be an appropriate time to be thinking about our interaction with the president through shared governance at Cornell. Shared governance is the practice of having different constituencies within the University have a role and voice in shaping the decisions that impact them. At Cornell, shared governance translates to organizations like the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, Student Assembly, University Assembly, Faculty Senate and the undergraduate, graduate, faculty and employee trustees. The changing hands of the presidency also coincides with the changing hands of the role of the undergraduate student trustee.


KANKANHALLI | Spring Break: As Told by Cancun

As others see me, I am a sort of paradise on Earth, but introspection repeatedly leads me to long for bygone times. The modern glitz and the glamour have drowned the richness of my history and the simplicity of my ecosystem. Especially in adolescent circles, I see a greedier default: understandably, maximization of the vacation experience is the foremost objective, but the lack of passion for the chronicle of events that brought me here is offensive. I am simultaneously inflated to a symbol of luxury and superfluity and diminished to a banal character of the mass media.

schulman 4-10

SCHULMAN | Showing Empathy (Better Late Than Never)

Gingrich and his supporters made me question that faith a little bit. Their lack of empathy towards gender equality shocked me. In the most confrontational part of the event, someone asked whether women get respect in Washington (considering the current president’s record on respecting women). He wrote off the concern with a joke about locker room talk to which the audience chuckled. It was uncomfortable.