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HAGOPIAN | Greek Life Should Not Exist: Part II

I’m fairly certain that one of the Confucian philosophers advised his pupils to learn something from everyone and everything from no one. And if Donald Trump has taught me anything, it’s that successful people always double down. My last column, “Greek Life Should Not Exist” elicited some negative feedback two Fridays ago. I’ve read these opposing viewpoints, I’ve considered them, and I remain convinced that I am right. A 50-year old conservative alumnus sees the world in a profoundly different way than I do.

Sex on Thursday

SEX ON THURSDAY | Pretty When I Cry

It had been at least a year since I had seen him and even longer since I had enjoyed seeing him. I still despised him and yet, for some reason, I got a message from him asking if he could visit me at Cornell. I actually considered it for a second, but my better judgement helped me decide against it. A few weeks later though, I felt this inexplicable need to see him. I had hated him for so long, but now I wanted nothing more than to be with him.

Sex on Thursday


Life’s too short to have vanilla sex. Now, I like to live fast and hard, so maybe this mantra is just a reflection of my lifestyle, but I have a feeling that there are a lot of kinky souls relating to this right now. For me, it goes back to my first kiss. I was 18 (I know, so much for living fast and hard), but to be fair, having to handle two  dominating parents and a course load  full of APs on top of a myriad of extracurricular activities was a  true cock-block. Anyways, I was 18, and after many summer evenings of eye-fucking a hot guy at my country club’s gym, he finally asked me out.

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SONG | Why Did I Ever Want to Grow Up?

In second grade, I spent an entire night crying because my parents wouldn’t give me a parakeet. I buried my face in my pillow and sobbed because I spent the past two months in the library reading books about bird keeping, making lists about how to line their cage and shower them with a spray bottle. I cried and cried into my floral pillow until my father came in and switched off my night light and stroked my hair. Last weekend, I found my myself in the same position, but my pillow’s blue now and there’s no night light to cut through the darkness and no one to stroke my hair. This time it’s not about that little bird; it’s about helplessness and giving up and a sadness that makes me think I won’t make it to the morning.

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GUEST ROOM | We Are Not a Monolith: Nuances of Blackness at Cornell

Lastly, BSU’s demands were completely taken out of context. In no way, shape or form were they insinuating that Cornell should admit fewer African/Caribbean students. I don’t think that admitting more American Black students means admitting fewer international students. These things are not mutually exclusive.

Guest Room

GUEST ROOM | A Defense of DACA

A few weeks ago, the Trump administration declared its intention to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, giving Congress six months to act on it. As someone who arrived in the United States as a seventh grader, I cannot and will not remain silent. This decision jeopardizes the lives of nearly 800,000 who came to this country. Their families seek new careers, new beginnings and for some, a safe haven. Many have arrived in the United States in hopes of a better education.

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LEE | Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere

I never expected the shift from freshman to sophomore year to be so drastic. Living on North Campus again makes me feel like I am part freshman, and walking the extra five minutes down Thurston was the only distinction I initially noticed. I still walk along the same Thurston Ave. bridge (although now also occasionally the Suspension Bridge) to class each morning feeling like an assembly line worker, I still spend most of my time in Ives, and I still pull all nighters before the deadline for an assignment. Yet over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that there’s actually quite a big distinction between freshman and sophomore year.

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KANKANHALLI | The World, My World

Everything worth saying has already been said. Everything worth writing has already been written. We’ve heard it all before. We’ve read it all before. I just hope that everything worth doing has not already been done.

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MORADI | In Response to Your Inquiry on How I’m Doing

Well, I just stress ate a good third of my friend’s leftover birthday cake. I haven’t gone on my daily run in several days, and my period is a good four days early. I’m not pregnant, but what if I wanted to be? Gah! I haven’t finished updating my resume from this summer.

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GROSKAUFMANIS | In Defense of Commentary

In the fall of my freshman year, I thought it would be a sane idea to write about gun control for The Sun. As an 18-year-old barely moved into my first-year dorm, I looked at a topic that has caused intense political conflict for decades and thought, yup, time to take a stab at that. Needless to say I got absolutely flamed in the comments section. At the time, each one felt so personal. Reading through the comments now, some have a bit more meat to them than I had originally thought.