GUEST ROOM | Dear Cornell: You’re Breaking the Law and Students Are Going Hungry

Some are surely immune to it by now, but most food service workers can remember the first time they had to chuck pounds upon pounds of perfectly edible food into the waste bin while on the job. The same holds true for students and full-time workers at Cornell Dining. Its a sort of collective trauma that countless workers share. While such superfluous and unthinking waste is tragically commonplace across private food providers across the country, in recent years we have seen legal interventions come into effect that should result in dramatic reductions in food waste. The NYS Food Donation and Food Scrap Recycling Law, which took effect Jan.

GUEST ROOM | Celebrating Nowruz with New Perspective 

Laila Rahbari is a sophomore in the ILR School with a minor in Near Eastern Studies. On campus, she works in the Einhorn Center as the Senior Manager of Student Programs and President of the Einhorn Leadership Council. Laila is fluent in Farsi, the official language of Iran, and has previously interned for Florida House Representative Anna Eskamani, one of only five Iranians who hold public office in the United States. Upon graduation, Laila plans on attending law school. On May 1, 2023, she sat down with me to discuss her heritage and experience as an Iranian-American woman.

GUEST ROOM | Two Possible Improvements to Finals Week

It is already May. Very soon, Cornell students will fight through final exam after final exam in an effort to excel in one of the toughest academic programs out there. As a freshman, this will be my second time going through the final exam period. Even though five months have already passed, my first experience of finals, from December 7-19, still remains vivid in my mind. I am hoping that my reflections of that period can help the school administration make some relatively easy improvements to the student experience during final exam week.

BASU l Timekeeping

Some of us don’t know where we’ll be next year and even for those that do, whether it’s a job or graduate school, our everyday lives will probably be drastically different from what we’ve known for the last four years.

CIPPERMAN | The Class That Saved Cornell

Every graduating senior knows some version of my story at Cornell. The class of 2023 is unique, and unified, in our trials and triumphs through COVID-19. We alone have seen the before and after. We are the class that watched Cornell fall apart, and we are the class that rebuilt it — preserving and restoring the traditions, cultures and communities that make this place worthwhile. For once, I write not to break news in The Sun, but to express generational solidarity. Our class, despite all odds and administrative difficulties, saved Cornell.