Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pres. Pollack Must Denounce ICE Restrictions on Student Visas

To the Editor:

The recent announcement from the Department of Homeland Security adding restrictions to Non-immigrant F-1 student visas is a xenophobic, bigoted and inhumane political stunt designed to further nationalist rhetoric. The decision to restrict student visas is the latest attack on the international community under the guise of national economic security or public health. These include but are not limited to the 2018 Muslim travel ban, various attempts to overturn Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policies and recent rollbacks on foreign worker visas. Denying students the right to educational opportunities based on immigration status is in direct violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. This discrimination based on national origin endangers not only student achievement, mental health and physical health amidst a global pandemic, but is also detrimental to the longevity of Cornell’s educational philosophy and Ithaca’s economy.

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ARORA | Final Sunset

After four years of being a reporter on the objective side of things, I’ve often dreaded this graduation column. I’m not very good at articulating how I feel, and definitely don’t think I’m a great writer. So I’m going to stick to the basics and do what I know best: Talk about The Sun. When I first got to Cornell, I followed the advice that almost all of us receive and tried new things. I signed up for way too many listservs at Club Fest and attended a lot of G-bodies as that excited freshman during the first semester.

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FLEER | Thank You, Cornell

While searching through The Sun’s online archives for a Solar Flashback story last fall, I came across an editorial that touched me profoundly. It was from September 27, 1910, over a century ago, and it captured the very essence of my experience as a Cornellian. “And let us say that you do not realize now the days you are passing through,” it read, addressing new students. “Look back at the remembrance. It is a wholesome existence with room for work and play, room for thought but little thoughtlessness.

Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Stop Cornell’s Reactivation

I request that President Pollack and the Board of Trustees begin working on a new plan to ensure students, staff, faculty and every other member of the Cornell community can participate in Cornell’s educational services from the safety of their homes or in safe homes that Cornell will provide for them locally or abroad.

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GUEST ROOM | Whose Lives Really Matter at Cornell?

If you choose to flag racist incidents, complain about racism or ableism — as People of Color in the U.S., expect to be dismissed, removed and defamed regardless of how much evidence you have because none of it matters, including you.

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GUEST ROOM | Hollywood, Brutality and Black Lives Matter

This petition seeks to address the exclusion of Black people in key scenes behind the media which reinforces systematic racism among police and the nation as a whole. The United States has had a rash of police killings of Black people. Part of the reason police kill Black people is because they stereotype all Black people as thugs. This is how the media represents us. Not just news media, but within film and television as well.


BLK VOICES | Painful Reveries

Our voices should be heard no matter what we have to say. This week, we begin a journey of acknowledgement. Blk Voices is a platform to uplift and give space to a full range of Black feeling and thought. We begin by acknowledging the emotional toll that recent national uprisings for racial justice have brought with the art pieces below. A Bad Dream

by Toni’s Daughter


Sometimes being black feels like a bad dream

A piece of obscene fiction

Written with the wrong diction and tone

A tone blown way out of proportion

Melanin distorted.

Letter to the Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dear Cornell, Protect Your Grad Students

These issues are complicated, but the solution is straightforward: Cornell University should implement a non-medicalized process where graduate students can apply confidentially to work and teach remotely without needing to provide documentation. Those who choose to seek these accommodations are doing so to protect their health and safety and those of their loved ones.