August 24, 2000

Cornellians Captivated by Survivor Conclusion

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While Cornell Night raged away on central campus, hundreds of other students gathered in T.V. lounges and campus community centers to sit out the grueling showdown between Rich, Rudy, Susan and Kelly.

An estimated 40 million other viewers worldwide were glued to last night’s two-hour Survivor finale. Earlier this summer, the show began by setting up a showdown between 16 people mock-stranded on a deserted tropical island. Eventually, only one “survivor” remains.

Last night in Noyes Community Center, approximately 100 fans watched the final eliminations, shouting out boos and hisses when Rich, the “snake,” walked away with the grand prize: $1 million cash and a shiny new Pontiac Aztec.

“He seemed so conniving. His arrogance drove me crazy,” said Survivor fan Becca Atwell ’04.

Echoes of disappointment about the outcome were heard throughout Noyes, “It’s not really fair. Rich doesn’t need the money. Kelly’s young and strong