August 24, 2000

Nader a Focus of Campus Debate

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Later this semester many Cornell students will face their first presidential decision. And while Democratic nominee Al Gore’s main opponent nationwide is Republican George W. Bush, many campus discussions are revolving around Gore’s opponent to the left, Ralph Nader.

“There is a lot of controversy among progressives on campus about the Nader campaign,” said Christopher Hardin grad, a leader of the newly formed Cornell Green Party.

Nader will be campaigning this fall as the nominee for the Green Party, which was a political presence in local elections last year.

One victor from that Green Party line was Cornell student Josh Glasstetter ’01. Opposing a Democrat for the fourth ward of the Ithaca Common Council, Glasstetter distinguished himself during the campaign as the more liberal choice. Once the ballot returns became official a peculiar result had emerged: both the Democrat and the liberal had won.

A registered member of the Democratic Party