September 21, 2000

Cornellians to Travel to D.C. in Support of Vieques

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Eleven students will be traveling to Washington D.C. this weekend to lend their support to the Puerto Rican National Coalition’s Annual Conference and solidarity demonstration for the people of Vieques, an island in Puerto Rico, on Sept. 21-22.

The Conference will focus on a variety of issues surrounding Puerto Rico including education in the territory, budget issues, congressional issues, and public health issues discussed by panelists from Vieques.

Vieques has been a site for Navy test bombing. Two years ago civilian David Sanes Rodriguez was accidentally killed by the bombing. Puerto Rican residents have complained about the high levels of radiation on the island and the destruction of natural vegetation and wildlife.

“We hope this will give students a greater awareness of the situation on Vieques,” said TJ Carrizales ’01, Program Director for the Latino Living Center.

The group going to D.C. comprises students from several different organizations as well as some Ithaca residents. Cornell groups represented include the Puerto Rican student group La Voz Boriken, La Asociaci