October 5, 2000

Entertainment News

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Eddie, the Biggest Brother

What a relief. It’s finally over. The semi-popular reality program Big Brother concluded Friday with the awarding of $500,000 to the final houseguest. Eddie McGee, a 21-year-old Long Island native, claimed the top prize after outlasting nine other roommates while locked for 88 days in a small house wired with microphones and cameras.

Despite the fact that Big Brother was heavily criticized for its poor casting and stale nightly episodes, the show managed to pull in a respectable audience of about 9.3 million viewers throughout its run. And these ratings must have been good enough for the execs at CBS, since the network has already begun preparations for a sequel.

In other reality-TV news, the lovable Suvivor castaway Colleen Haskell (you know, the one who had bugs living in her leg scabs) has landed a major film role. According to Reuters, Haskell is set to play Rob Schneider’s love interest in the June release of the comedy Animal.

Fellow castmate Susan Hawk is apparently being recruited for the part of animal.

New & Improved Jer-ry

Maybe it’s because the fights are gone. Perhaps the producers have run out of topics. Or maybe it’s because Oprah regained the top spot in the talk show ratings. Whatever the reason, The Jerry Springer Show certainly needed some spicing up.

And it got this makeover just in time for the start of its tenth season, which began airing last Monday. Besides a revamped set and a more casually dressed Springer, the new season also features footage of the real lives of his guests. Put simply, we are going to find out what trailer parks these drugged-up 14-year-old incestual, transsexual hookers are from.

Now that’s quality television.

TRL: Total Reid Love

The fans that stand outside the glass-enclosed MTV studio in Times Square sure do love TRL host Carson Daly. But I think it’s safe to say that his girlfriend, actress Tara Reid (American Pie) loves him just a little bit more.

In the October edition of Cosmopolitan, Reid talks about her relationship with the MTV VJ. The two have been dating since they met earlier this year, during the filming of MTV’s Spring Break in Cancun. She also recently moved into Daly’s Manhattan pad.

Apparently, Reid is head over heels for the host. “When God decided to make the perfect man, I swear he created Carson,” Reid says in the interview.

But she also paints a picture of Daly that is perhaps a bit incongruent with his squeaky-clean on-camera image. Reid admits, “Everything he does turns me on. Everything.”

Okay Tara, I assume you’re not talking about the TRL premiere of Backstreet’s latest single.

E-News Briefs

Rosie O’Donnell plans to retire from her talk show gig once her contract expires in 2002 … Geraldo Rivera has axed plans to run for mayor of New York City once NBC told him he wouldn’t be permitted to make documentaries while campaigining … Felicty premiered this week with star Keri Russell sporting a satisfingly longer coif … In the October Maxim, Charlie Sheen estimates that he’s shagged approximately 5,000 ladies.

Quote of the Week

“It was really funny and uncomfortable to have Richard Gere looking betwen your legs all day long … he really didn’t know what he was doing with all those instruments, and I was like, ‘No, it would go a bit lower.'”

— Liv Tyler in the New York Post, discussing her co-actor’s apparently lacking knowledge of female anatomy as a gynecologist in the upcoming film Dr. T and the Women.

Archived article by David Kaplan