November 16, 2000

Make it a Bard Night

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Last spring, Cornell students missed 30-year-old singer and guitarist Steven Bard when he went on tour to play in colleges across the country. Soon, he’ll be going on tour again, this time to promote his debut album, Inching Ever Closer, which will be released in stores this month. According to Bard, the album “is all about love and sex.” His music, which he classifies as Urban Soul, is the type with which crowds will be dancing and singing along. On a recent afternoon, I had the opportunity to speak with Bard about his life, his fans, and his soon-to-be-released work.

“My music is fun. Most places I play, I reach people,” he said. And it’s true. Every time Bard performs, throngs of fans flock to the location. For his local performances, Bard tries to choose songs “that have that magical sing-along quality, where you hear it once and you can sing it, and it’s fun to sing,” he said. “I always play a bunch of songs