January 24, 2001

Rider Win Home Show

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The equestrian team is soaring to heights not seen in years.

The Red is presently in second place in its region, a scant 14 points behind Skidmore.

“We are all really pumped up because we are really close to catching up with Skidmore, who is in first. If we can catch up to Skidmore there is a good chance we can go to [the National show in] Atlanta,” senior co-captain Brooke Hafets, said.

This close proximity in the standings is due largely to the excellent performance of the Red in its own show back on December 3. The team won the event, with Julie Canter, Zoe Orecki, Kate Cornell and Laura Rubinate took first, second, third and fifth, respectively.

“We almost always do well at home,” Hafets said.

After this meet the Red was only two points behind Skidmore, but the following week Skidmore extended the lead to its present margin.

“They had a perfect show,” Hafets said of Skidmore.

Cornell had another strong showing, taking second in the four team event.

Melanie Berliner and Sara Cohen led the squad to the title of reserve champions. Both riders qualified for regionals during the event.

Being so close to overtaking Skidmore, the equestrian team is focusing on being prepared for the excitement of race to the finish.

The hunt for the Red will resume February 17.

Archived article by J.V. Anderton